The most important thing about Delaware
Tech is the ability to meet the needs of the businesses in the state of Delaware.
Delaware Tech’s unbelievably nimble and fast in changing programs and providing
certificate programs for our students. The college’s Board of Trustees and
senior leadership are committed to making sure that Del Tech offers the kinds of programs that our employers need. I love serving on the board of trustees
for Delaware Technical Community College. The fact that we are a military friendly
school for three years straight is really something that talks about the
inclusivity and the diversity of this campus. I’m a firm believer in education
and how powerful it can be to change people’s lives. I think what’s so special
about Delaware Tech is the wide variety of programs that it has to offer.
Delaware Tech certainly is unique in a lot of ways. I think the
value that the college brings is that it it is able to identify the needs of our
business communities and then deliver on the training of qualified professionals. I would say of all the institutions of higher education within our state I think you could be shown that Delaware Tech Community College provides a
significant relevancy in its educational process to people going out and being
productive in our society. Delaware Technical Community College logo