– [Maria] It’s me. Body Dysmorphia,
we all have it. I have it, and it’s a gift. I can’t pay attention to
external trauma because I’m experiencing a nightmare within my brain. Hey, do
you have anything that might look good on this? – [Woman] Sure, I mean,
we have some jumpers. Jumpers are in right now. – Oh, is that why I need a jumper,
because I don’t jump enough, because I don’t have any muscle
tone, because everything jiggles, because I haven’t worked out
in years. Is that what you’re saying? – Okay, not a jumper. How about a sweater? – A sweater? Oh, I get it.
Is it because I’m too sweaty, or I’m a stink bomb, or a stink pot?
Is that what you’re trying to say to me? – How about pants? – Give me a break.
Cuts into my flesh. Pants! – You know, we have
vests. We just got these… – Vests! What am I? A junkie fat man from
a board game and carries around sacks of gold? – Everyone loves a jacket. – Oh, of course, that’s what you’d
say because my arms are unsightly. – Ma’am, why did you even want to come
in here if you didn’t want to buy clothes? – Well, that’s a great question. For
me, the best way to live life is to be obsessed with my appearance. I
don’t have to think about other problems in the world, like poverty. I can
just think about… Do you see it, this thing? Do you guys see it? Oh, I’ll never fit into this. – I know what you mean.
I just put on a couple pounds after the holidays, ugh. – Only I can criticize me!