so bright bar dot com is of course uh…
super right wing website and they take themselves incredibly seriously and they
think that they’re saving the country and doing all this high-minded special
stuff in reality and they are corporate
america’s useful idiots in the republican party’s useful idiots and they’re the grounds of the earth so if you guys remembered not too long
ago they made this um… friends of hamas story opt to smear
child cable balinese their it’s not like the
literally made up until their their ass what happened was a reporter said it jokingly because there was this you know idea
going around that shall take off jondhale he’s extreme you know he
doesn’t like israel it was nonsense he said one super benign thing like this place is controlled by the israel
lobby year you know senators get a lot of money is
relied as i know you say something true but the reporter was joking sent always
get money from friends of hamas and of course the response was bipartisan at a running it as if it’s
factual one law group that gave money to the
nato losing friends on the loss so they did uh… a search confining
thing about them they did a lexus nexus search which is an academic article search can
find a single thing about friends of hamas it was made up there and if it
when they were caught is the best part when they were caught they doubled up they set off this liberal media
continues to smear us instead of talking about the facts which is the tropical
might not be as pro-israel as everybody else wants the buried themselves up israel’s
aspin smell their force know it’s it’s awesome there are a whole
areas website so now they made an even funnier air now i know you’re probably thinking how
the fuck is that possible it is on the spot so they ran a story about paul crime in
going bankrupt now paulk rodman is of course are famous
economist and a liberal warrior so when they ran the story they’re trying to portray the idea back obligor this guy put aside here he
can even maintain his own finances why should we trust in the country’s
finances checkmate bright barred one problem in zero well there’s a little problem with the
fact that they were in that story poc rodman never went bankrupt in fact this story was originally from the daily current and the daily current in a satirical
news site that competes with the onion right barksdale is what that is so here’s my favorite part of the story last month for the washington post had
picked up of phony current story also they sell for one also and the story basically said it’s our
kaelin was going to work for aljazeera now it’s funny that somebody actually
fell for that but they did over the washington post so bright barton being arraigned in the
post for that harassing that it had no concern for letting facts get in a way
of of the narrative if the post reporter had a shred of
self-awareness integrity and dignity this was bright barge jon multi
rightness she would have changed the headline to quote too good to check and under it posted an essay about house
shallow small the bitterly angry partisanship can blind you to common
sense now of course it’s bright part of
published the story they have since taking it down and now the link leads to a four oh four
error and there’s been no correction and no
admission of failure that has been written about it just took an awful hoping that nobody