well first and i’ve to hand it uh… ah larry o’connor over at bright part dot com for this
it’s amazing scoop i mean is really is something uh… apparently poc rudman who are larry o’connor describes here as
the economic darling of the left has filed for chapter thirteen bankruptcy protection uh… cartman according to larry o’connor over at
breitbart dot com has been a leading advocate for
increased deficit spending is the only solution to turn the u_s_ economy around uh… however it seems that those can usually things
don’t really work on the micro level uh… of course the report cartman has racked
up debts in the millions the noble prize winning economists always seven point thirty five million
dollars or assets to his name at only thirty three thousand dollars now this would be incredible this would be quite the scoop if so it would be amazing fordice larry
o’connor editor what is it editor at-large over ab
record dot com if only this story was reported by
satirical news website to delhi current i_b_m_ really now uh… bread bike dot
com this from media matters prep i dot com has ritual talk rodman for following
the chapter thirteen drink hot bankruptcy protection and has since
deleted the post um… lie larry o’connor has uh… has yet to crack meant for spending
eighty four thousand dollars in one month apparently on portuguese wines and age a rescue
from the victorians period it’s it isn’t just like a career that
you would like something out of lake is that there’s a big in like a model
for side how they relate ilac careful stuff mostly really nice adept at another body that awful private
nazi-like dot today now this is this along would be great disavow would be
great addendums sourcing is from a satirical news website the delhi currents except for the fed is busy getting
better because for the fact that the bright party man late into the
washington post just last a month when the papers wet when the washington
post website on accidentally renaissance story from new delhi current about sarah
pale and moving i believe it was set on going to aljazeera and uh… bright five blogger john nolte said at the washington post is without a
shadow of self-awareness integrity or dignity he continued he tried to deliver whole-body continued that washington post never lets facts
did in the way of a good narrative it is you can’t make it was not well
that’s the really the problem with the modern right is like how can you make
fun of them anymore they do it all themselves but actually paul krugman that did a pretty good idea
that analysts out yet but i don’t have to help prevent handle this crawl cut mentoring is out posted a blog
post this morning on is that his page of the new york times website and he he said it’s detailed bright
darted and he said okay i mean evil person and my scheming has
paid off on friday happens to bed on friday i started hearing from friends
about a fake story making rounds about my allegedly filing for bankruptcy i even got asked about the story by a reporter from russian television who was very embarrassed when i told him
it was fake but i decided not to post anything about
it instead i wanted to wait and see which right wing media outlets would
fall for the hoax and bright bright dot child ted but haha carol and i think it was here and let’s
see who foster there’s no way even the washington post amaze you now with our
prep heating dot you know let’s just had fun you know i went out of the
government’s chorus uh… or which he continues now if you’ll excuse me i have to go david a lavishly paid
speech two friends of amounts no let this is bad about editor can generate
wing news websites from from the daily call there refusing to believe that someone paid
the price some water deposit to lie about menendez took bright bright themselves making up
a story about friends of the mice refusing to manage to because yes i said
it was show we’d like this i saw i said it was true i one of the day i wonder if i let me
know connor at a rather large over everybody’s gonna say i mean technically the dilley car was our source and you know they’re not they’re not
saying this story wasn’t true that’s right so uh… and there’s no we
stand by we stand by what our source and doesn’t matter whether it sure not where our source said that’s what
matters say work i want to help upright part dot com
because i filled out front ’cause things have been good so so that the recently
so look as everybody knows all of us here at the
majority report are plugged into that broader liberal communist socialist
muslim conspiracy and i have a little bit inside
information which i guess i’m on record saying this but you know you can however you want to quote me anonymous
source whatever doesn’t matter basically paul krugman had committed had filed for
bankruptcy that’s actually true and what we realize and george soros
call them urgency conference call to cover this we’re on the farm because as you know
the majority part is about ninety percent funded by sorcerer george soros also and king
abdullah of saudi arabia or demolition so it was not publicly sam won’t be
happy about adeline not be happy when he has to go five fly to jetta to to get
bout uh… you know to not by the king but it
was like so soros said look here’s all do we need all cover all of
paul’s deaths for uh… frill pink silk ops tempo portuguese
line and what will do is all funneled the money through
friends of a moscow region election to that by a group later today and suffered the loss also real that’s
how the money from soros cut funding department and the conspiracy viva darker than you
thought i thought i forgot about this small
selection from the idea of the peace among his list of alike among the list
of portraits creditors there is there altered collection of thirty three
thousand dollars from tiffany’s out eventually falk from and sampling if it’s before the tony suppressed no i speak flying like diamond rocks for his wife
which is just it’s just very not crime it is the missing i mean it doesn’t get any better than that
today at least struggles with the tech guide still perhaps we could consults
and would deduct interest sandwich for himself without incident harry’s lavish
do well until the totality takes his packed tuna fish sandwich and
walks past eight attorneys window and can’t help myself something of a bathtub
parker calmer notice and we stand by sorors out