Hello everyone, today I wanted to talk briefly about the dying / death of brick-and-mortar type retail stores as opposed to resurgence and continued surgence of amazon and ebay and such, and show you a few examples from my life, things that I just received in the mail to prove that those points. Now brick-and-mortar is dying for two reasons – they are dying because of price and many of you know this already. They are also dying because of lack of selection. So let’s go ahead and take a look at a few examples I prepared and this is just a Sears in Akron Ohio that recently closed, well not recently looks like it’s been closed for quite awhile. But let’s take a look at a few quick examples that I prepared for you. This is a refrigerator water filter for those of you who own the higher-end refrigerators with the water filtration in them know the pain of purchasing these things as you can see this is $49.96 for one This is Home Depot but Lowes at any hardware store will this do the actual, suggested results retail price for this item from LG, for an LG refrigerator. So a few years ago I started wising up and actually shopping online it should have done that much sooner kind of, you know, I’m in my fifties low technologically un-advanced compared to the youngster young people, but I decided to go online and look at Amazon and Ebay and today I just got a shipment of these three right here three of them, and I can’t believe the price I page it is, was $55.95. Unbelievable. Basically buy two get one free that is that is a reason why you see brick-and-mortar dying out, like your Macy’s and Sears, JC Penny they can’t compete on price. Fifty dollars for one, $56 for three. That’s unreal. I used to really cringe at paying $49.96 for one filter, come on. And they need to be replaced every six months they start to clog up. But 3 for 55 unreal. And this person sold me see here, need bifocals, they sold 974. Wow i’m not sure how some retailers stsy in business with it you know… I’m just speechless, I can’t believe that this… got two for free basically. So that’s one way brick-and-mortar is dying. And another example my wife likes to wear these this, these Armitron ladies watches you know to go shopping or gardening or work outside or whatever. You know they’re about eighteen dollars each, that’s nice. She’s worn them for over a decade, every 2-3 years they will just die on her, even we will replace the battery will still die. You know Disposable. So she’s always worn a black one because that’s the only color that we’ve ever been able to find in all the stores we looked at. I told her to go ahead honey, look on Amazon, see what you can find. So of course you know once again brick-and-mortar loses out, look at this rainbow of colors. Unreal. And I want to show you i just received the shipment in the mail today she ordered three different ones starting to regret telling her about this actually, because she would have bought one at the store, but now she wants three because they are so pretty and colorful. Try to get these in frame here there are on these stands going to break apart, see, here we go. She got the pink one, navy blue, and black and brick-and-mortar matches this priced at $18 approximately but there’s no way they can match the selection. I have been shopping with her she, dragged me shopping everywhere unfortunately for me typical husband, is shopping for everything with the wife, and she’s always only found black and now we have a rainbow of colors and we won’t be going back to brick-and-mortar. So bottom line if you own any stock, or work at one you know I keep hearing that Macy’s closing Penny just announced the closing a hundred-plus stores. Sears just announced the closing hundred-plus stores with Kmart, kind of a sinking ship. The only reason we’re going to the mall nowadays window shopping, which is dangerous for the wallet, and mostly just if any clothing or shoes or sneakers because i’m not going to i’m not i know you can go to Zappos and get shoes, but i’m not going to go ahead and order something online and then have to return it because it’s a little snug. And my wife she’ll try on shoes or sneakers, She’ll try and 4 or 5 different pair so it is infeasible sending it back and forth. So clothing and shoes might keep brick-and-mortar live for a bit but these examples, you know and I still can’t get over this. Either Ebay is really good, has a good price or the hardware stores are kind of ripping us off, I think they are. If someone can sell these and make a profit for eighteen dollars each, why can’t retailers? It’s because they’ve got expenses, light, heat, employees insurance, maintenance of the buildings, plow the snow in the winter. Just all those expenses. The guy on ebay has, you know, he might, might have a basement full of these and there’s no expense at all except buying and selling it. So interesting times we live in. I was born in the 60s never thought I’d see something like this, it’s really amazing being able to pick up an iPad or smartphone and just get any information you want instantly, it’s incredible and we take it for granted. I think it’s just amazing. so if you like my channel if you like what you seen please subscribe to my channel I appreciate your support thank you so much and take care !!