The move to scrap band one dentistry charges would cost around £450million. Labour would make check-ups, X-rays and a scale and polish free at the point of use, dubbing the proposal a “teeth MOT” Other treatments classed as Band 1 include: corrections to fillings, dentures and braces, and some forms of preventative care such as plastic sealants or fluoride therapy to prevent tooth decay from forming  Currently patients pay £270million a year in NHS dental charges, as dentistry is one of a handful of NHS services where people pay towards the cost of care  The only people that don’t have to pay for dental care are children, pregnant women, young mothers and people on low-income benefits  But voters have hit out at the plans, as they say the move to implement free dental check-ups would not be free as they would just be funded by taxpayers  Commenting on the story on’s Facebook page, many vented their anger at a policy that some believed is ludicrous and accused Mr Corbyn of trying to win votes with false promises  One person said: “There is a very old saying ‘there is no such thing as a free dinner’  “Everyone, rich and poor alike will pay for Corbyn’s madcap schemes, unfortunately, the poor will suffer the consequences of his ‘free’ generosity much more than the rich!” Another said: “It’s not free, just something else the taxpayer has to fund ” One described it simply as “poppycock”. Another added: “He will promise anything and everything to get votes! His promises would bankrupt the country! Getting our homeless, especially veterans, off the streets is more important!” Others questioned whether there would be enough dentists to carry out the plan ”  Diane Wood wrote: “And just WHERE are all these dentists who will give ‘free’ treatment  “There is a dire shortage of dentists and none are taking on new patients in this area alone  “So much for preventative dental care and especially looking after children’s teeth; when unless it is an emergency and then you can travel miles – you cant get treatment at all!” Another user mocked the plans and said: “Free dental checks as well along with kittens, unicorns and a pet dragon each ”  Other readers used the policy announcement to criticise more of the Labour Party’s pledges  These include: introducing a four day working week, nationalising BT and introducing free broadband  Other Labour policies include nationalisation water, rail and postal services and hiking up taxes on the wealthy  Keth Smith said: “And all the Dentists will be on a 4 day week. A sensible human being would never contemplate making such ridiculous promises ” Trending  One person mocked Labour’s new proposals and said: “Under a Labour government, we won’t even need money cos (sic) everything will be free ” “Corbyn’s spending it going to put us in so much debt that our Great Great Great Great Great Great Children will still paying off the interest ” Labour will announce their full election manifesto on Thursday.