Hi. My name is Jay Lutzky. I’m an attorney
practicing for over 30 years in the New York City area. I have an office in the Bronx and
I handle many different types of cases. The question commonly asked is, If I file and
I past due past due utility bills, will they be included in my discharge? And, if they
are, will any of my services be affected?” If you are using utility services and you
do not wish to continue using services, you can include them in your bankruptcy. If you’re
filing a Chapter 13 or a repayment plan, past due bills can be included in a Chapter 13.
In a Chapter 7 where the bills would be discharged or wiped out, you would not repay them. The
utilities may cut off your service if you decide not to pay them. However, you have
options. In New York State, there are many different utility providers and you may want
to change your utility carrier and still file bankruptcy. Speak to a bankruptcy lawyer,
an experienced one, to help you weigh your options before you take any drastic remedies
or changes. Thank you very much.