Most clients come in and I think they are
very surprised to find out the number of options that might apply to them. Bankruptcy is but
one of many different alternatives and even in bankruptcy there’s several different chapters
that might apply. And in each one of them, there are filing deadlines, papers that need
to be completed and filed, all that are rather technical in nature. And if you don’t do this
every day, you’re not going to know what needs to be done. I think the most immediate relief
that probably surprises clients the most is that when you file a chapter 11 or chapter
12 or chapter 7 bankruptcy petition there is an automatic stay that goes into effect,
and I guess you could equate that stay with a cease fire. Creditors have to stop pursuing
you. And sometimes when a client comes to you, that’s what they really want right now.
Just stop the noise. And so that’s an immediate relief we can give them. They shouldn’t be
afraid to come and discuss their situation with an attorney. As soon as they know they
have a problem they should seek some help. The role that we bring is to try to help them
to take a step back and take a deep breath, and try to take as much of the emotion out
of it as they can, and make rational decisions. For some people it’s just being able to come
in and tell their story and relieve the stress that they have been living with day in and
day out, and to know that someone on the other side is going to listen to them and try to
help them.