Hi – I’m David Leibowitz and I’d like to welcome
you to LakeLaw’s business bankruptcy section. If you have a Fortune 500 company we’re not
necessarily the lawyers for you. I’ve spent about 25 years in big time bankruptcy,
and I realized that there are a lot of lawyers that are handling these kind of cases. They’re
flying around to New York, and Wilmington, Delaware. I felt that this is really not
what most people here in Chicago needed. Instead, I found out that most people in Chicago,
and in Milwaukee too for that matter, are small businesspeople. People that have situations
just like yours. For them, a big Chapter 11 is complicated, expensive, and not necessarily
the right answer. Yes, we can handle a Chapter 11 for you, but
there are also alternatives to Chapter 11, such as an assignment for the benefit of creditors
here in Illinois, or Chapter 128 receivership proceeding in Wisconsin, or perhaps a voluntary
workout with your bank, or perhaps a dissolution of your corporation as well. There are many ways to solve your problems,
and we at LakeLaw will take a look at your business with the care, and kindness, and
courtesy, and respect, and professionalism, and dedication that you expect
and deserve. You’re not just a number, you’re not just
a speck on the map. You’re a human being with an important business, and employees to look
after, and markets to look after. We want you to succeed. We’re here at LakeLaw to help