Hi, I’m Will and I’m here to talk to you about the different insolvency options available for your business Business insolvency occurs if your limited company cannot meet its debts or when the value of your company’s assets is less than a total debt it owes If you feel your limited company is
experiencing financial difficulty it’s always worth reassessing your finances using the business budget sheet This will outline your income and your outgoings whilst also factoring in VAT to
give you a more well-rounded view of how your company is doing If you suspect your company cannot afford to pay its debts you’ll want to think carefully about
continuing to trade, as it could be classed as an offence Don’t worry, there are a wide range of options you and your creditors can consider and choosing the right solution depends entirely on your circumstances To find out more give us a
call today on 0800 280 2816 Alternatively, you can get
debt help online at payplan.com