21 years ago, the construction company which… Zhou Guorong co-owned… was conned out of a big sum of money… by someone called Hu Shijian Is the name of the company… Chang Guo Construction? You know of the company? My dad’s name was Chen Chang The company was set up by himZhongzheng was being
held to ransom all this whileI believe…Zhao Xuewei sent
these postcards to ZhongzhengLook“Goodbye, Hong Xi”The suspect said…someone had paid him
to steal the keys from your houseI suspect when Zhongzheng
met Zhao Xuewei,he mentioned the safe deposit boxZhao Xuewei thought
the key was at our placeWhere’s he taking Hongxi?Where are you, Hongxi?I’m at home I’ve a stomach ache I didn’t go out at all You shouldn’t have
shadowed Zhao Xuewei without permission It was so dangerous I can’t let my buddy die… without doing anything You can’t break the rules… just because you’re eager to crack the case Listen If you’ve evidence, report it Don’t act on your own again He made use of a girl who
looked like Hongxi to trick you this time Will it be Hongxi
he threatens you with next time? That’s my worry too Hongxi mustn’t work
at the art gallery anymore We’ll have a word with her Threatening to hurt someone
close to a person… is really despicable Help us spy on your uncle Why? We suspect he’s committed a few crimes What proof do you have? Your uncle told me… he only met Don Tan this year But the two of them and Zhongzheng… were in Bangkok on 21 March, 2012 They already knew one another
four years ago Tell me Why did your uncle lie to me? Still, that’s no proof that he committed crimes Take a look at this photo He was Xu Dehai, Zhongzheng’s underling If your uncle were an honest businessman, why did he have dealings with this man? The last person who
visited Zhongzheng in prison… before he passed on was your uncle Chen Yu Your uncle isn’t as simple as you thinkWhat do you want me to do?Find out whether… your uncle has a safe deposit box, or whether he ever owned one overseas A safe deposit box? My house was broken into
and all the keys were stolen There’s a photo of a safe deposit box key… in the suspect’s mobile You suspect my uncle got someone… to steal the keys from your house? Yes. I believe there are many secrets… lying in the safe deposit box Uncle Uncle Uncle Hello How did it go? Get more people to buy meal vouchers
from the restaurant… so the money can
flow into Singapore sooner Chen Yu Chen Yu When did you come? Quite some time ago.
I dozed off while waiting for you Anything the matter? I just want a meal with you But I just got home My treat? We haven’t seen each other for so long All right then Isn’t it supposed to be my treat? Never mind. You’ll pay next time Keep an eye on it while I go to the gents OKGet more people to buy meal vouchers
from the restaurant…so the money can
flow into Singapore soonerWhy did Uncle clear all the call history…and messages in his mobile?Chen Yu Chen Yu Mum Why are you still up? Not working tomorrow? -I am Go to bed then Goodnight Something’s bound to happen Chen YuYes, Madam?You’ll have to stay out of
Zhou Guorong’s case I understand Thanks In the SD card were some photos
which were casually taken They’re of no help to the case The two emails in the laptop… threw some light though They were from Zhou Guorong
to someone called Hu Xinhai We find the contents suspicious “Buddy, it’s been a long time “I read in the papers that… “you’re now a successful businessman “You may have changed your name
and taken on a new identity, “but I still recognised you instantly “You’ve gone far in life “I’m happy for you “To be honest, I’m not doing very well “I need your help “Let’s have coffee one of these days… “and catch up on each other” This newspaper cutting was
found in one of Zhou Guorong’s files It was quoted from a Thai report… by a local press Hu Xinhai is a millionaire
in Thailand who keeps a low profile The press caught him… doing good deeds on the sly
and reported it in the papers Our investigations
show that Hu Xinhai… was originally known as Hu Shijian THAILAND
Five years ago Hu Shijian You’re Hu Shijian, aren’t you? Sorry, you’ve made a mistake My surname is Hu, but I’m not Hu Shijian Chen Chang Surely you’ll never forget that name? Who are you? I’m his son Dear Who is he? Stay out of it Is he going out to sea with us? Go ashore.
I’ve something to discuss with him “Hu Shijian, I’ve yet to hear from you “You may have changed your name
to Hu Xinhai, “but you shouldn’t slight me “You wouldn’t want everybody… “to know how we collaborated
to cheat Chen Chang out of his money” The email tells us one thing Hu Xinhai, aka Hu Shijian, conned someone, ran to Thailand and took on a new identity What happened 16 years ago? Why did you con my dad? I did nothing of the sort You cheated him out of his money… and caused his company to fold He killed himself by jumping off a building Since he killed himself, I had nothing to do with it then If you hadn’t driven him up the wall, he wouldn’t have committed suicide I’ll give you one more chance Tell me the truth Yes or no? All right, I’ll tell you Someone put me up to it Who? Zhou Guorong He promised me
a sum of money as a reward Continue Zhou Guorong introduced your dad to me I was to win his trust… and get him to drop a supplier for me Once he made payment,
I’d vanish into thin air But Zhou Guorong kept all the money I only took my share Go back to the pier I want you to turn yourself in Please don’t make me do that My reputation will be tarnished I’ll do my best to
make it up to you with money Name the price I don’t want anything… except that you be punished by the law Hu Shijian Hu Shijian The first email from Zhou Guorong… shows that Hu Shijian ignored him So he turned to Zhao Xuewei for money Zhao Xuewei didn’t give him money either So he wrote Hu Shijian another email
to blackmail him Hu Shijian finally agreed to see him They arranged to meet in a forest During the meeting, there was a scuffle Zhou Guorong was killed
and buried in the forest All your deductions make sense But we need more evidence Haoping, Eric Find out whether he has ever… entered Singapore as Hu Xinhai Kenny, Qinghan Find out his whereabouts Yes, MadamReporter catches millionaire
doing good deedPolice looking for eyewitness
in forest skeleton caseFive years ago This is it Dad I brought Zhou Guorong You shall explain everything… in front of my dad Tell the truth, and nothing but the truth Chen Chang I met your son by chance today That’s why I’m able to
pay my respects to you The purpose of the partnership
was to make money back then I didn’t expect things to turn out like this Please rest in peace You sound so indifferent Are you human? What else do you want me to say? You caused the death of my dad It was a planned move The partnership was in fact a conspiracy No When his business folded, I went bankrupt too I’d known your dad for decades I wouldn’t con an old friend You played on his trust in you You betrayed him and caused his death I did not Tell me then After my dad died, why did you send $30K to my mum? I felt sorry for you and your mum I didn’t want my old friend’s family to suffer Don’t give me that I just want the truth Tell me the truth Your dad’s business failed because… his trust was misplaced I suffered as a result too And… -That’s enough Hu Shijian already told me everything You were the mastermind You introduced him to my dad You got my dad to drop the supplier… and buy from Hu Shijian instead Hu Shijian then absconded with the money You collaborated with him… to cause my dad’s business to fold That was why my dad killed himself Like you said, he killed himself Not my fault. I didn’t kill him Another thing You mentioned Hu Shijian He was the one who cheated your dad
out of his money Where is he? I must confront him Business is war There’s no sure-winner, is there? Your dad was to blame for being a coward He killed himself just because he lost money Don’t you call him a coward Am I not right about him? Had he taken things easy, he wouldn’t have died He wasn’t a man What are you trying to do? What are you trying to do? Help Stop running How dare you hit me Chen Yu Uncle When did you come? A while ago You OK? Yeah Your mum’s gone out Still worried about the case? Relax They’ll never find out Chen Yu It’s me, Chen Yu I’m Uncle, Chen Yu Don’t be afraid, I’m right here Uncle I didn’t mean to kill him I acted in self-defence I acted in self-defence I know. Listen I’ll turn myself in Listen to me He deserved death
for doing evil Don’t turn yourself in Don’t you do that I’ll settle it for you Let this be a secret between us We’ll take the secret to our graves.
All right? On the day it happened, I noticed you weren’t your usual self So I shadowed you I found out you were
meeting Zhou Guorong I only wanted him
to be punished by the law But he tried to kill me That was why I… He’s dead Even if the police find him, it’ll only be his remains But I can’t help… feeling uneasy When you live, you lead a meaningful life And when you die, you die a worthy death Let’s do him a favour… by making his death a worthy one Ma’am How did it go? Hu Shijian went missing five years ago Missing? He once took on a new identity as Hu Xinhai Maybe he’s taken on another new identity? Check it out Yes, Ma’am Ma’am, someone’s here to file a report He claims he’s the eyewitness
of Zhou Guorong’s case You’re the eyewitness of this case? Yes I saw his photo in the papers You were calling for eyewitnesses
to come forward So I filed a report What did you see? I was in my car with my girlfriend… at the car park near the forest There’s someone Are you sure this was the man you saw? No doubt about it He ruined our moods What happened after that? On our way out, I saw him arguing with another man They were about to come to blows Take it out -Let go Never mind about them. Let’s go The victim fought with another man? Yes Are you able to recognise that man? Yes Look carefully Is he among the men in the photos? Sure He’s the one Let’s go Hi, welcome Miss, I’m getting meal vouchers for $5,000 Thanks Over here Here’s your reward -Thanks Call me again next time -Certainly I’m ASP Wei Lantian from
Commercial Affairs Department (CAD) What do you want
so many meal vouchers for? Who put you up to it? Why did you spend $5K
on meal vouchers? I don’t know I was paid to buy the meal vouchers… and pass them to him That’s all I know, serious You don’t know anything Are you operating this alone? We suspect you’re laundering money Take him back with us I’ll talk I owe a loan shark money He made me do this I’ve never met the man who gave me… the money to buy the meal vouchers Do you have the number of the loan shark? No. They’re always the ones to contact me Boss I’m ASP Wei Lantian from CAD Are you the owner of the restaurant, Mr Wang Siren? Yes, I am We suspect you’re using
your restaurant for money laundering Please cooperate with us Sure Mr Wang, please come with us
to assist us with the investigation Your staff have confirmed that
you didn’t buy so much supply Business has been poor too Both the cash register
and the info in your laptop… are proof that they were telling the truth In other words, although your meal vouchers are selling well, few people come here for meals Why is that? Are you involved in money laundering? Please answer me Are you involved in money laundering? Indeed I don’t keep… the money for the meal vouchers Business was poor.
I had cash flow problems On top of that, I was in debt I had no choice but to get a loan from Bao Who’s Bao? His job as a supplier is just a cover He’s actually a loan sharkI was to sell meal vouchers…and pass the money to him…to write off my debtAccording to Wang Siren,Jinbao Food Supplies is registered under…a man called Goh Kim Poh, Wu JinbaoEverybody calls him BaoAnybody in? Coming May I help you? Hello I’m ASP Wei Lantian from CAD Are you the owner of this shop? Yes Do you know Wu Jinbao from… Jinbao Food Supplies? Wu Jinbao He’s the one Bao, yes Why is his company address… the same as yours? He borrowed my address
to register a company… and pays me every month He comes over only when there’s mail Excuse me How did it go, Kelly?Bao isn’t at home. He’s run awayGot it Jiayi Your brother has been taken away What’s going on? We don’t have the facts yet Calm down first How do you expect me to do that? You must help your brother I will What did the employee at the restaurant say? I don’t know He didn’t make himself clear I had no idea what he was talking about Your brother is an honest man Could he have been set up? I rushed over as soon as you called I’ve yet to find out what’s going on Some cop you are You don’t seem to know anything Jiayi I’m worried about Bro just like you Sorry, my anxiety just got the best of me I didn’t know what I was saying.
Don’t be angry It’s all right.
I’ll find out all the details right away Get going, and keep me posted Hello, YanqiI’m calling to remind you
to attend my graduation ceremonySorry, I can’t.
Something’s happened to my familyWhat happened?I’ve to rush back to the police station Shishi Are you all right? I can’t believe it My brother actually committed a crime Were there no signs at all… that his restaurant was in financial woes? I recall it now There was one day
I overheard my brother saying… “I’ll do my best “Give me a few more days’ grace” Could he be… already in financial difficulties at that time? I don’t care about him enough When he told me business was good, I didn’t realise at all he was lying Stop reproaching yourself Your brother didn’t want you to worry That’s why he kept it from you I was too careless He’s my only kin If he goes to jail, what will happen to… his wife and son? All the more reason… you’ve to be strong I never dreamt that… something like this
would happen to my family Yanqi, you said two of your good friends
would be coming Where are they? One of them can’t make it because
something has happened to her family I’m unable to reach the other one Excuse me, my boyfriend is here Ladies and gentlemen, please rise for the arrival
of the Guest-of-Honour This is it When I’m in low spirits, I’d go swimming, practise boxing, and scream like a loony But you’d cycle here to watch the sunset I think it’s a good way to relieve stress Every time I was stressed out
during my exams, my brother would make me… cycle here with him to watch the sunset Once, he asked me, “You know what… “that line at the far end is called?” I said I didn’t know He said, “It’s called the horizon “When the sun sets, “all your troubles will… “go down with it “All right?” From then on, whenever you’re dispirited, you’d cycle here to watch the sunset I know very well… my woes won’t go down with the sunset But the beautiful view… still cheers me up nonetheless Chen Yu You’re back Is that your cert? Let me have a look Congrats. Your dream has come true Sorry, I couldn’t turn up Never mind, it was only
the VSC Graduation Ceremony Why didn’t you take my calls? Oh? I think my phone is in silent mode You said you had to go to the police station What happened? I’ll tell you when we get home You must be tired Have lots of rest. Stop dwelling on it Thanks You should go home and rest too I’ll be going then Bye Bye You were together the whole afternoon? I was in low spirits when I ran into him So he kept me company Why? Are you jealous? Of course not You’re both good friends of mine Come on It’s you Why are you calling at this hour? Do you feel better? YesWhy are you still up then?You haven’t turned in either So why are you asking me?I just want to let you know that…if you’re still down in the dumps, I’ll go with you to watch the sunset tomorrow Thanks for everything today No matter how you feel, let’s meet up for a meal Are you asking me out on a date? What do you think? I’m turning inI’ve to work tomorrowYou should go to bed too All right, have an early night Goodnight How are they related? Good morning, everybody.
I bought breakfast for you guys Hitman, we’ve put on weight
ever since you came Start working out then Ma’am, we’ve news of Hu Shijian Where is he? He’s in police detention in Malaysia Did something happen? Hu Shijian is still alive He fell into the sea and never came up, yet he didn’t die? He’ll deny killing Zhou Guorong He’ll tell the police… I know about… Zhou Guorong cheating my dad
out of his money If the police follow the timeline of events, they’ll find out that… I killed Zhou Guorong The matter will be resolved Too late Hu Shijian will be extradited… back to Singapore tomorrow There’s no way we can resolve this Uncle I’d like to turn myself in I won’t implicate you Have you thought of the consequences? I took a life I’ll go to jail for sure Is it that simple? Had you turned yourself in back then, you could argue that
you acted in self-defence… and killed him by accident But it’s been so many years If you turn yourself in now,
the police will look into the case again They’ll say it was a premeditated murder, and that you deliberately hid the truth I couldn’t care less Since… Hu Shijian is still alive, it means I didn’t kill him Is there a difference between… taking one life and taking two? Hu Shijian was responsible
for your dad’s death too Don’t let him ruin your future Leave the matter to me I’ll do something about it Subtitles: S Lin, Mediacorp TV