area near Chicago Illinois and I listen
to BCBG it’s as you want to disagree with Mary school you are all in all it just agree
with your guest I got just anxious try not quite sure number one URL us up message well liability insurance per got
sacked at own guns yeah yeah worse worse
they’re gonna stop are you gonna turn around what about my age snow guns are the only thing that are
made specifically to kill things knives are not made to kill things are
made to cut things others lots and lots purposes for knives there’s no there’s no need to have liability
insurance for knives Taylor buffalo’s bows arrows what well our funny bones I think you could build a probably a
pretty good case you know if your I used to live out the rear wheel Louise raised
a couple hundred acres in for Mon and bow hunters had come through and
occasionally somebody would be hit with a bow hunter yeah I you know again the if it’s a
small burden if it’s a 35 yr fifty dollar your charge I would have a problem with that my
white 16 just turn on how to acquire however return unreliability who great or something virtualized are now I think
the liability insurance much like with the car should be
attached to the person who has the license so if somebody else is using your bio
your liability insurance for extended them but these are things that we have to
work out as a society that the fact of the matter is that we mass shootings
happened there is no insurance nobody gets compensated when a drunk driver kills 10 people they
all get money