Who’ll make those critical decisions related
to your retirement benefits if you’re suddenly unable to do so yourself? Hi, I’m Colin with
a CalPERS Quick Tip, and today we’re talking about the CalPERS Special Power of Attorney
form, and why it’s important that you have one in place. Let’s take a look. It’s possible that at some point in your life you might
become unable to perform certain duties related to your CalPERS retirement benefits. The CalPERS Special Power of Attorney allows
you to designate a person, or persons, to perform these important duties on your behalf. Duties such as address changes, tax withholding
elections, beneficiary designations, retirement benefits elections, endorsing checks, and
reporting lost or stolen checks. The CalPERS Special Power of Attorney is distinct
from other powers of attorney in that it contains a durability clause allowing your attorney-in-fact
to conduct business with us even if you become incapacitated. As principal, you enjoy the flexibility to
grant specific authorities to your attorney-in-fact, and to indicate a precise duration for your
power of attorney. Completing the form is simple and you can
find it on our website at calpers.ca.gov/powerofattorney. Or to learn more, check out our publication
“A Guide to the CalPERS Special Power of Attorney”. Have a wonderful day.