My name is Ron Drescher. I’m an attorney practicing
bankruptcy and creditor’s rights in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia. And today
I want to answer the question: I’m getting ready to file my bankruptcy case but my lawyer
tells me I’ve got to be complete and accurate and I’m a little freaked out that I’m going
to forget something. Can I amend later? Well the short answer to that question is: Yes
definitely. You can amend your schedules later to add creditors, to add assets to change
your income, to change your expenses. The bankruptcy system does not expect you to be
perfect. They expect you to make a good faith effort to be complete and accurate. They expect
you to care. They expect you to be conscientious about what you put in your schedule but they
know that amending schedules is common place. It happens in almost every bankruptcy case.
Now if you have a significant asset, or if you have significant income that’s not disclosed
initially and then the trustee or one of your creditors finds out about it and brings it
to the attention of the bankruptcy system and then you go and amend your bankruptcy
schedules you could have a problem. Because it could look like you were trying to conceal
something important as though you were hiding it from the creditors. And if the Bankruptcy
Court believes that you did that, you may not get a discharge, and that is a very serious
problem. My name is Ron Drescher. I’m an attorney practicing bankruptcy and creditor’s rights.
And if you have a question about whether or not you can amend your schedules after you
file your bankruptcy case, please pick up the phone and call me I would love to hear
from you.