This is Omaha and Lincoln Bankruptcy Attorney
Burke Smith answering the question “Can I file bankruptcy on the IRS?” And the very short answer to that question
is “Yes”. You can, but most people want to know well
following that question is “Can I get rid of my debt from the IRS?” And most people and even a lot of attorneys
don’t realize that depending on the type of IRS or tax debt that you owe and when it’s
when those taxes were owed, the answer is actually “Yes”. You can get rid of that tax debt depending
on a lot of particular facts but to break it down the answer is talk to an experienced
bankruptcy attorney who’s not only experienced regarding bankruptcy but knows the ins and
outs of how the Bankruptcy Code deals with tax debt. There are many issues that impact how your
tax debt will be treated under the Bankruptcy Code. It includes: What kind of taxes is it? Is it income tax? Is it payroll tax? Is it sales tax? Is it state tax? When was the tax owed? When was the tax return filed? Taking all of those things into account a
qualified bankruptcy attorney can look at your situation and determine if it makes sense
to file bankruptcy now , perhaps in the future if you wait a few months or perhaps a little
bit longer period of time and then even after the bankruptcy has done and perhaps getting
rid of a significant portion of your tax debt. There are other options you can do after the
bankruptcy is done and completed to help you get a handle on the remaining balance of the
taxes that might be owed and get those paid down in a manner that is beneficial to you
as well as the IRS. It will be accepted by them and make your
life a lot easier and get you out from under the cloud of that tax debt. So the bottom line is don’t give up hope,
don’t assume that your tax debt is non-dischargeable. There is a very good chance that with the
proper planning and looking at all the factors involved that you can get some relief and
perhaps even all of the relief you expect and want from your tax debt. If you have any questions please give me a
call at 402 718 8865.