Can you keep your car in a
bankruptcy? Hi. My name is Eric Engel. I’m a Seattle bankruptcy
attorney with the Seattle law group. The short answer is
you can keep your car in a bankruptcy. If you owe money on
your car and you want to keep your car in a Chapter 7
bankruptcy – a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is when you get to
walk away from all your debt – you must be current on your
vehicle in order to keep your vehicle. In a Chapter 13
bankruptcy, you can actually keep your vehicle even if you’re
behind on your payments and you can reduce your interest rate
and even reduce the principal that you owe. Why do you need to
know this information? You need to know because you’re
considered about your ability to keep your car – or if you can
afford to keep making payments on your car – and you are
considering filing bankruptcy. We deal with these sorts of
questions every day. We can help you. Give us a call at
206-625-9800. Thank you for watching our video
and have a great day.