I have something really big going on at my
work the day of my trustee’s meeting in my bankruptcy case. Can I reschedule? If I can’t
I’m going to have a real problem at work. Oh, my name is Ron Drescher. I’m at attorney
practicing bankruptcy and creditor’s rights in Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania and Virginia.
And the good news is in almost every jurisdiction they’re pretty flexible about if you need
to reschedule a meeting of creditors or trustee’s meetings because you have a big work commitment
or you have a prearranged trip or you get sick and you need to go to the hospital or
something like that they can reschedule the meeting of the trustee, and you’ll get another
chance to reschedule. Now, I have strongly advised against rescheduling if you can at
all make it there, because what they typically like to do is then have you agree to extend
the deadlines for creditors to object to your bankruptcy case because creditors have 60 days
from the day you meet with the trustee to file objections to the bankruptcy. And, you
know, that’s the nice thing about Chapter 7 bankruptcy is you are on a fairy compressed
time schedule. Similarly in Chapter 13 you have your meeting with the trustee, then a
short time later you have your hearing to determine whether your plan is going to be
approved, and it’s really great if you can just keep those dates in place and let your
case progress in a normal fashion. But, you can’t always help scheduling, and if you must
reschedule your meeting with the trustee there’s enough flexibility in the bankruptcy system
that you will be allowed to do that. My name is Ron Drescher. I’m an attorney practicing
bankruptcy and creditor’s rights. And if you have a question about what that meeting with
the trustee is going to be like, please pick up the phone and call me. I would love to
hear from you.