– Once you’ve filed for bankruptcy we file it with the federal court system. It’s available on the court’s docket. But you have to have a login in order to do that. So people are often concerned about “Is my neighbor going to learn about my bankruptcy?” “My sister, my brother, my family member, my friend, will they know about my bankruptcy?” Chances are no. Not unless you’re specifically famous, right? If somebody wants to look at it they can, but they’re going to have to get an account and pay money to actually go look at the court’s docket. It doesn’t go in the newspaper and it’s not advertised. You’re not going to find yourself on tv. There’s not going to be a sign in your front yard. The people that are notified are the people that you that have a claim against you. It may be a credit card company, a bank loan, a plaintiff in a personal injury suit perhaps. Those are people who notify and we send them a copy of the bankruptcy petition and we let them know what’s going on. Other than that people aren’t going to know about this. They can if they want to, but generally they don’t. So don’t be overly concerned about the publicity, about the going to school and someone pointing out that “I heard he just filed for bankruptcy.” First of all likely not going to happen and second of all, you’re not alone. I do this every day. This is all I do for work. There’s many people that file for bankruptcy. This isn’t something you should be ashamed of. It’s something you’re taking control of, you’re taking control of your financial future. You’re getting yourself back on track, getting a fresh start. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody that came to me and didn’t find this to be something they, put themselves into for any bad purpose but just trying to move forward in life and making the right decisions going forward. So rest assured we’ll get through this together and it’ll be a smooth process.