– Good morning. My name’s Corina Strubel. I am 31 years old and
made some poor decisions and got myself into some debt trouble. Luckily, Alleviate has been
there to help me with that because the debt phone calls
were nonstop, morning, night. Alleviate was able to stop those calls. They were able to
consolidate all of my debt. And we’re paying them off one by one. I’ve actually already
paid off a couple debts. And it’s a really good feeling to know that you’re getting them paid off and you’re gonna be out of debt. It’s also nice that they send you emails that educate you along the way
so you know what’s going on. They are accessible to you all the time. I mean, they communicate by email, they communicate by phone. But I’m very grateful that
I did discover Alleviate and that they have helped me because the stress of
getting those phone calls and the stress of that debt was too much. So thank you, Alleviate, for
helping me pay off my debt.