Jordan counter with JT news well cash monies being hit with another lawsuit I mean is it even surprising at this point so it appears that they’ve been holding back traits royalties for a spire music group now drinks laborers history is very complicated okay he was initially signed a jazz print to aspire music group like a decade ago before he signed with little Wayne cash money Young Money because he was introduced to Wayne by jazz prints and which amend also cash money Young Money is distributed by Republic universal music group four characters like a lot of labels all next ten right and all this has nothing to do with OVO the older women get it right but you did I mean you know Drake at the piece but OVO it totally separate and that ovl is underwater brothers that’s for parties at and everything else you know so that fire deal is doing like a lawsuit which is alleged fire is one-third of cash money profits from Drake’s music labels according the money refusing to open its books and this has been going on a minute this is going going on a minute okay in waves going through the same thing with cash money right now now this now keep in mind next Birdman has been branding rich game very hard for the past two years they’re getting ready to shut down cash I’ve seen it we’ve all seen this if you’re if you’re in early thirties like me ok you saw masterpiece shutdown No Limit Records and call it the new no limit because he had so many lawsuits he had to shut the company down its declare bankruptcy and shut it down just couldn’t you couldn’t pay it out so I the money money and take unclear though biggie ok so views in one dance I mean it’s just drinks biggest here for sale okay now this is just one of many lost within a little Wayne so it was 51 million dollars with a mistake and counting up even know little Wayne to have a victory in court where they’re supposed to open the book i’m easy you know Wayne’s going to get out of this deal and he wants to take Nicki Minaj and great with them but you know they’re trying to hold all that up but uh I don’t know you’re drinking getting let’s just put it this way way nose is a matter of time before they just have to fold inlet amount of a deal and that’s why it’s going to go a roc nation you see him shouting he’s already setting it up for you guys images you already have a deal in place obviously just can’t really speak about it a little Wayne can just alluded to it and I can already see Birdman is going to go i bet you his new artist byt whatever his name is it signed under rich gang because I hear all these new artist shouting out rich game which game risking its never cash money anymore that cash money think so like they’re gonna live which we can I don’t know I think they’re just holding it off as long as they can go get your one more thing out of drake some of Mickey field and then get as much money as they can and bound to be honest with you it doesn’t became for a long time but it’s kind of sickening like yeah they did a lot of a building they built up a lot of people’s hearts with tears but it’s happening started sucks man I’ve had things like this absolutely actual absolutely but uh anyway Jordan our reporting news and i’ll catch on the next door yes you guys are having a great day and I appreciate all the support please hit the like button you know I appreciate everything thank you children children camera Tower