the bride and the groom will… exchange their wedding rings. Kiss. – Kiss.
– Kiss. – Kiss.
– Kiss. – Kiss.
– Kiss. – Kiss.
– Kiss. – Kiss.
– Kiss. (One month later) (Buster) (Dan Sae Woo, six years old) (Dan Sae Woo, 10 years old) (Dan Sae Woo, 17 years old) Buster, how are you? Gosh. It’s been a week. I missed you. There you go. I told you I’d do it for you. The water will splash on you.
Step back. Doesn’t it feel great? You’re so beautiful. Look, Buster.
It’s our wedding invitation. – You can come too if you want.
– Hey. I’m going to be
super pretty that day. Instead of the hay and carrots, you can get some buffet food. If we consider your race records
from when you were young, you could
get to the wedding hall in… (Congratulations on your wedding.) It would take you about seven hours. What are you saying? You’re sick
of being fenced in here, right? I’m sure you want to run free
out in the world. You would get in trouble
with the borough office. – Let’s go.
– Let’s go. Good job. I asked at the borough office
since you seemed curious. You mentioned it before
when you went to the hair salon. These days, about 5 couples
get a divorce out of 100. It’s not 5 out of 10? Isn’t it a good thing? Right. Here, honey. Use this for dinner.
It’s 300,000 dollars. Thank you, Dad. It’s your wedding gift,
so use it all. I’ll eat until my stomach pops. – Bye, Dad.
– Have fun. – There.
– What? What? What is that? Here we go. Yes, it’s going. What is this? They acted like
they weren’t there with lights on? How dare they run away? They’re pulling tricks,
so they won’t have to pay us. Hey,
it’s actually over on this side. They’re on the sixth floor. You’re going the wrong way. I feel better now.
I was so thirsty earlier. I Man, stay still.
You’re distracting me. Why not see the top of the hotel
while we’re at it? Let’s see how great they are. What if someone reports you
and the police comes? I won’t have anything to do with it. – Don’t tell me I didn’t warn you.
– Hey, – the boss is inside.
– Gosh. (Hungry Frying Pan) Buy a stick of gum. Just don’t give me anything at all. Why would you give me a fake bill?
You’re a bully. I heard this Chinese place is full
of gangsters and prostitutes. It’s a nest for criminals. Do you want to cheat an old woman
who will die soon? Don’t you have parents, you jerk? Come back tomorrow. Nonsense. I’ll be dead tomorrow. Yes, right there. Why are they so high up? Seriously. I know you guys are curious too. All right, we’re almost there.
Here we go. – More, more.
– Stop. We’re here. It’s the 21st floor. The best Chinese food restaurant
in Korea. It has two stars
in the Michelin Guide. What is this? I don’t see anything
different with their restaurant. There’s not a single fly.
Are they out of business? It wasn’t just our restaurant
that was going slow. Life is fair. It’s not our food that tastes bad. People think Chinese food
is too greasy these days. That’s true. I would’ve been upset
if our customers went there. – I’d be mad.
– That’s for sure. How boring. I thought you were watching
something racy. What? – Spring is here.
– Who is that? See? Hotel chefs
are not much better than us. They’re just as pathetic. Too bad.
I wanted to see their faces. Why isn’t it coming back down? Throw it out. Just throw it out. – What about the bird’s nest?
– Here. They must really be rich
like the rumor says. I never thought we’d run low
on bird’s nests. Bring up the fire! – I got it.
– It’s almost ready! – Hey, Cutting Part.
– Yes, chef! The onions weren’t cut evenly. Some are uncooked,
while some are over cooked. Didn’t I tell you Chinese food
is all about the Cutting Part? – Start over!
– Yes, chef! Cut faster! – Cut faster!
– Cut faster! I’m going to kick out
anyone who cuts the onions slowly. We’re piled with orders.
Don’t you dare take your time! – Yes, chef!
– Yes, chef! Repeat what I told you.
Chinese food is all about… – The Cutting Part!
– The Cutting Part! Chinese food is all about… – The Cutting Part!
– The fiery taste. Chinese food is all about… – The Cutting Part!
– The fiery taste. (The fiery taste) – Good to go.
– Good to go! You burned everything. Cook it again. Good to go. – Good to go!
– Good to go! – Good to go.
– Good to go! It’s the last dish. Go. – It’s good to go.
– Thank you, chef. Good to go! – Good to go!
– Good to go! It’s 299,989 dollars in total. Okay. Here. Can I have the change? Never mind. Thanks to your donation,
we’ll be able to donate… all of our charity money without
having to pay for the dinner. It’s my dad’s wish to donate
as much as he can. I’ll be off now. – Thank you.
– Aren’t you going to eat? I’m on a diet. Oh, right. Tomorrow’s your wedding. I heard you’re not going to receive
any congratulatory money. I envy you. I’ll go now. I’m so hungry. Hey, I just heard that one of the
charity members… paid for everyone’s dinner
that cost almost 300,000 dollars. – That person must be crazy.
– What a lunatic. – See you, Poong.
– Okay. They’re right. The fact that
I’m not even eating a bowl… of black bean noodles
after paying 300,000 dollars… is just pure craziness.
It’s completely absurd. I must be out of my mind. Let’s go eat. Come on. (A Night for Horses and Equestrians) (Our association gave birth
to many racehorses,) (and our equestrians have
constantly made many donations.) Just a moment. I’m here to make this dish
a whole lot better for you. – Enjoy.
– My gosh. Why are you pouring alcohol on this? I already confirmed the dish. How dare he change the taste
of the dish… by being sly
and pulling a trick like this? Yes, sir. Here’s your meal.
I hope you all enjoy. I’d like a bowl of
jajangmyeon, please. My gosh, seriously? This event
is too fancy for a meal like that. I’d like some jjampong
so that we can share. Our hotel doesn’t serve
jajangmyeon or jjampong. What? Why not? It’s Master Wang’s philosophy
not to sell them. Do you look down on them
because this is a hotel? So are you saying I can’t eat it
when I barely managed to come here? Did you register your marriage? My gosh,
she paid a fortune for this event. The last time we had jajangmyeon
was two months ago. We managed to endure it until now,
but I really can’t endure it today. Can you please make us some
jajangmyeon? I’ll ask the chef,
but I don’t think he’ll make them. I’m sorry. Hey. – Hey.
– What? Just a moment. What? What do you want? I know you, so I can ask you
for a bowl of jajangmyeon. – Can I have some?
– No. I hope you enjoy. My gosh. – Hey, why didn’t you pick up?
– What’s wrong? – Master Wang is looking for you.
– Now? Did you want to see me? – Can you come stand next to me?
– Pardon? This will fall on your foot. Master Wang. Don’t worry. I knew it. You don’t trust me. This will fall on my foot. Don’t you dare think about
getting promoted… by stomping on my career. The mala crawfish you sent out
is too spicy for Koreans. The spiciness needs to be toned
down with alcohol and fire. That way, they won’t complain. If I say it’s okay, it’s okay.
And if I say it’s not, it’s not. Even if it’s wrong,
what I say is the answer. Even if you’re wrong?
Even if our customers complain? Shouldn’t our customers
be your top priority? Even if I’m wrong,
what I say is always what matters! I know you, so I can ask you
for a bowl of jajangmyeon. What did you say you wanted? – Pardon?
– Are you full? – No.
– Come out. Why? What’s wrong? I wanted to cook for you,
actually. Cook what? Whatever it is that you want to eat. Why? Do you refuse my offer? No way. I knew it.