I’m a male. She started feeding me
pickled radish ever since I was 15. A 15-year-old horse is equivalent
to a 50-year-old human. The age 15 is when you learn… – the sweet and sour taste…
– Hey. of life just like the taste of
pickled radish. She ate jajangmyeon,
and I ate pickled radish. Does it taste good? We are inseparable. Why are you wearing that? Hey, that’s not important right now. Just take my girl
away from this bridge. Take her somewhere safe, you punk. The world is really scary, but wearing this makes me feel
less scared. Like you, I’m also scared of living my life. But what do you say… we eat this before we die? Me too. What does yours say? What about yours? I’m nervous. Me too. Do you think it’ll tells us
to commit suicide? No way. My gosh, are you guys going to die
if it tells you to kill yourself? By the way, what kind of hardship
made you come all the way here? Never mind. We’re both up on a bridge. Let’s not ask each other
that question. All right. Let’s not ask that question. This cookie is good. Do you want more? The prosecution arrested
President Dan Seung Gi… of Mujogeon Bank seven days ago, and began their search today. They confiscated 10 sites including
Mujogeon Bank’s head office, which has been
suspended for business, and the homes of President Dan
and other board of directors. President Dan is… under special investigation… for malpractice and malfeasance… for loaning 800 million dollars
to Ultra Construction, a faulty construction company. The prosecution has confiscated
President Dan’s… and the board members’
real estate… “Dan Seung Gi”. Dan Seung Gi. Are you hungry? Was that a difficult question? I… don’t think I should be hungry. My dad is probably
so worried about me… that he can’t even drink water. That means you’re hungry. Can’t you take that helmet off? I’m still scared of the world
though. Okay. You can take that off
when you’re less scared then. I’m hungry. I became hungry. Let’s go down. You can go down first. I like it up here. Hey. Don’t you dare leave her here. If you do, I’ll kill you. She hasn’t eaten for days,
and she’s been wearing that… for days like a crazy… I’m sorry. Anyway, I’m worried that she’s going to
do something to herself. Come on. Tell her to come down with you! The horse… must be hungry. Are you hungry? Even if you aren’t hungry,
you should feed your horse. Are you hungry? What are you doing?
He can’t understand you. It’s a horse. Didn’t you hear him talk
all this time? He’s very talkative. Is she crazy? Make it for me. You said you would. – Make what?
– Jajangmyeon. – When did I say that?
– With pickled radish. Yes! (Hungry Frying Pan) Dan Seung Gi. (Dan Seung Gi and Jin Jeong Hae’s
firstborn Dan Sae Woo) Will you buy it for me here? I’ll make it for you. Here? You’re my first customer. I don’t have any money. You’re the first customer
eating at my restaurant. You can’t eat for free. Put it on a tab and come back
tomorrow to pay for it. I won’t have money tomorrow too. Then put it on a tab again
and come back the next day. I won’t have money then also. Then when will you have money? For the time being,
I won’t have any. Okay. You can put it on a tab
for the time being. You can’t go up on that bridge
until you pay the tab. Don’t think about dying… without paying me back, okay? – Answer me.
– Okay. By the way, can’t you take that off? How will you eat with that on? Let’s go in. Give me pickled radish first. Bring me lots. Sit here. Here’s our first customer. If you aren’t busy,
wait on the table. – Me?
– There’s nobody else… Never mind then. What should I do? Haven’t you ever eaten
at a restaurant? I’m sure you have. She doesn’t look sane. She’s not normal. Ask the horse then. The horse can talk. Why you… It’s tiring. Should I call my guys? I thought… your thugs will start working
tomorrow. You… promised to teach my guys… your skills with patience. You promised. You aren’t even serving her water. She’s going to leave. I’ll serve her water. (Light and Shadow Loans) What would you like to have, ma’am? Light and Shadow. Do you need a private loan? It’s none of your business. So… what would you like to have? The chef knows. Okay. Give me pickled radish, please. Okay. (Jajangmyeon 5 dollars) Jajangmyeon is 5 dollars. By the way, why are you always where I am? This is… my restaurant. Do you know me? No, I don’t. I know nothing about you. Is that the horse that pooped
a huge load… over there last time? What makes you think that
it was my horse? It’s not every day
that you see a horse… in a city. Actually,
it’s my first time seeing one. Anyway, who leaves… a pile of poop in front of someone
else’s store without cleaning it up? Can’t you talk about poop later? I’m here to eat.
Why do you need to talk about poop? I’m going to call
the sanitation department. They might come here
to take that horse away. I’m sorry, ma’am. Please sit down. I… shouldn’t have come here. Smell that. It smells delicious already. Just the smell of it is delicious. I came here to eat the delicious
jajangmyeon alone. At a time like this! I can’t forgive myself. All right. Fine. I’m sorry. Please sit down. Can you… just give me the pickled radish? You just want the pickled radish? We’ll never poop here again. Where did she go? She couldn’t forgive herself. She left. She went that way with the horse. Did you kick my first customer out? Don’t you know how important
the first customer is? What were you thinking? (Hungry Frying Pan) Darn it. I told you she left. Then I can eat this, right? All right. This was for my first customer. And she was… I haven’t eaten anything too. You don’t deserve my jajangmyeon. Fine. I’ll be your first customer. The owner of this restaurant. Look here. I’ll pay too. Here. Put it down. I’m hungry. Hurry. Good. Let’s see. What is it? Let me be clear with you. The moment we signed the lease,
this restaurant belongs to me. All you should do is take the rent. I’m the tenant,
and you’re the landlord. What is it? Did you expect something special
since you didn’t take a deposit? I’ll reconsider the contract
if that’s the case. I can’t take my revenge
unless the business is good. I need customers to flood in here. I won’t sit still if you turn away
any of my customers. I’m not scared of you or your boys,
whether you’re thugs or not. I just threw away my fears
in Han River. By the way, what did you do
to turn away that customer? What do you think? I just talked about poop. You talked about poop… in a restaurant? Yesterday, she ran away after her horse
took a huge dump out front, so I said something to her. – Can’t I talk?
– What’s wrong with some poop? You poop because you ate,
and pooping means you’re alive. Hey. It’s because you didn’t see it.
It was huge. If a horse poops in front out front,
it’s in front of my restaurant, so I’ll clean it up. Don’t you dare
just walk in and out as you see fit. Also, don’t tell me what to do
or eat the customer’s food. Don’t get involved in my business. The kitchen
is absolutely out of bounds. You’re also not allowed… to talk about poop
in the restaurant. He’s so ignorant. Excuse me. Anyone here? – Hello? Hello?
– An investigation… regarding insolvent loans
from the largest domestic bank… has many in shock
due to the large sum. As it involves 800 million dollars, the prosecution is looking into
any other related corruptions. In addition, Chairman Dan Seung Gi
and the board of directors… will receive strong judicial action. The board will get
a minimum of three years, while Chairman Dan
will get a maximum of 15 years… if the prosecution’s demands
are met. Dad… Dad… What do we do, Mom? Are we really going to be assistants
of Poong starting tomorrow? Are you crazy? We were told to treat him
like our master in the kitchen. We’re not allowed
to talk back at him. We have to work hard and learn,
remember? Hey. I have an idea, so gather around. Let’s kill him tonight. (Light and Shadow Loans) Why aren’t they picking up? (Light and Shadow Loans) Why did you follow me again? – What happened to the horse?
– Did you fall for me again? This is my office. You said
that the restaurant is yours. This is mine too. Are you boasting
because you’re rich? This is my building. – Do you think I’ll fall for that?
– Get out. Go downstairs
and eat the jajangmyeon you ordered. The chef there is very mad
because of you. Listen, lady. Don’t get a loan from a gangster. Even gangsters… don’t give out loans to just anyone. – Go.
– Are you the light or the shadow? It’s not light. It’s debt. Go! Are you the light or the shadow? I just told you it’s not light.
It stands for debt. A loan. Go! Lend me some money
and become my light. Please. Where did she go? Sit down. You! Take that off. Do you only give out loans
if we undress? – Yes.
– That’s wrong. – What’s so wrong about it?
– I’ll report you. Go ahead.