– Gosh.
– It’s dangerous! Get out! Get out! What should I do? (Hungry Frying Pan) Thunder. Lightning. I’m sorry. It was my fault. Did I put it out?
Did I put the fire out? Did you get a burn? Did you? I’m sorry. What should I do? I can see your bra. Go get changed. I don’t have any spare clothes. There are chef uniforms
in the dressing room. Am I allowed to wear a chef uniform? You can start working from tomorrow. What is this?
You burned all the ingredients. What are you still doing here? Oh, right. Okay, chef. Aren’t you done yet? Everyone’s already drunk, so you
don’t need to put in too much work. Hey. What… Excuse me, everyone. The thing is… our chef’s uniform
got caught on fire today. So we won’t be able to
sell anything. What? Everyone, listen up. What do you think about… coming back tomorrow for lunch? All right, attention. Here’s good news. If you come back for lunch tomorrow, whatever you order from here… will be free. Okay? Free. – I’m sorry.
– I’m sorry. – Let’s just go.
– Gosh. I’m sorry. I’m sorry. Well… Where did he go? What are you doing? I burnt it. So I’m going to wash it. Just throw it out and get a new one. Why would you throw it out? We can use it if we scrub it
and clean it well. Where have you been? You… Why are you angry at her? Didn’t you burn this? I’ll wash it like it’s new. Throw it out. I’ll buy a new one. Actually, washing dishes is my specialty. I think I still love my husband… No way. No way! Crazy jerk. What’s he mad about? He must be in shock
because of this wok. When he first came
to this restaurant… he brought this with him… in his arms like a baby. I have a thing for
making people anxious. I know that. So you do know. – Pardon?
– It’s nothing. You can leave. I got this. I said go. I’ll help you. No. It’s mine. I’ll wash it. Go. I don’t want to be alone
with you. Still.. We can’t be here alone! I’m not going to eat you
or anything! We can’t be alone. It’s delicious. Poong must use only good meat. Ma’am. Open wide. Okay. Geok Jeong. Try… calling her “lady”. – Pardon?
– If Poong heard you, we all would’ve been fired. You can’t call her “Ma’am”. She’s right. Try. How dare can I… You can’t eat
if you don’t call her “lady”. Say it if you want to eat meat. “Lady”. Lady. What is it? Pretty lady. You’re so good at washing dishes. Take pretty out.
Say it with more force. Lady! Wash the dishes faster! Lady! Are you washing it or greasing it? It’s so greasy. What did you do? You’re so slow. We should’ve hired a sloth instead. You’re so scary. I wouldn’t be that harsh. It was just a practice. I’ll get over it. Give me a bottle of beer, please. Okay. Look at you. What happened? Do you know what our boss did
for this guy? “Don’t lay your hands on my chef.” Then he beat Yong Seung Ryong
until he was half dead. What does he see in him? Can’t you see us?
Why are you ignoring us? Stop ignoring us. You don’t go home
and drink until late. Doesn’t your wife nag at you? Leave me alone. Go home, you thugs. How does your wife
stand your personality? Stop it! Hey. I’m sorry about… yelling at you earlier. No, it’s okay.
Keep yelling at me like that. I liked it because it sounded like
you didn’t like me. It was like you hated me. I’m not good enough to reject you. But I hurt your pride
and ignored you. Yell at me
and point your finger at me. I loved what you did earlier. Yell at me more loudly.
Swear at me too. Well… I really… stopped liking you. So you don’t need to
feel uncomfortable. Of course not. But… do you really not feel upset?
Not even this much? Not even this little bit? Not even that little bit. Fine. If you’re having a hard time,
you can depend… and lean on me any time, okay? I’ll work to pay you back soon. You can take your time. I know you’re sick. I told you, I’m not sick. I’m not sick. I’ll get going. Just turn the stove off
after 30 minutes. Bye. Don’t say it so nicely.
Please yell at me. Okay. Bye! Good. I’m an idiot. Goodness. I must be crazy. I left my cellphone at the… Maeng Dal. That’s right. We just had a drink… with Poong at the street stall. See you tomorrow. She looks like a wicked witch to me. But I guess she’s a fairy to you. Be quiet. Drinking… You shouldn’t drink with a cast on. Is this how you do it? Like this? Get lost. Chef, can you come to work early
starting tomorrow? Why? I want to practice… the wok and the ladle
before we open. You’ll hold the wok.
I’ll hold the ladle. Let’s do our best starting tomorrow. Please get out of my sight. But… you shouldn’t drink so much
when you have a cast… Gosh. Who are you to say that? Don’t drink too much
and go home soon. (The one in front of you now
is your true love.) Go like this… (The one in front of you now
is your true love.) She’s someone I can’t love. She says
she still loves her husband. You fool. Put it on. Let’s keep it on. I better just keep it on. Then, no one will know how I feel. Put it on, you idiot. – Sae Woo, are you okay?
– I’m fine. Right. Mom, I got hired. Once Chef Poong’s arm is better, I can take over the dishes, and you can become a server instead. Just hang in there. Won’t you get kicked out
before then? I’ll do a good job,
so I don’t get kicked out. Let’s not tell Dad… about us working at a restaurant. We lived such comfortable lives
thanks to Dad until now. Didn’t we? Don’t cry. (Hungry Frying Pan) Are you a thief?
Are you trying to steal it? Yes, I am. Did you catch me?
I’m just about to steal it. Let’s eat it together. I’m going to eat home food. I know. In return, wash my hair for me. I’m curious. Doesn’t your wife do anything… for you? Come on. You’re getting it
all over the place. Do it for me
like I’m your girlfriend. But you’re a man! I can only act like you’re
my girlfriend if you’re a girl! – Come on!
– Gosh. I’m sorry. Where is the towel? – Hey!
– What is it? I can’t see. – Hey.
– I can’t see. Hey, turn it off!