(Vacant) I broke up with my wife. I’m not a married man. I’m just saying. Pardon? I’m just saying. Just so you know. – Why are you telling me…
– I just wanted to let you know. (Hungry Wok) This is the song I like. We can do this, right? We can do this. Between the wok and the ladle. Let’s eat together. Come here. Aren’t you hungry? I’m hungry. Let’s have some noodles. I’ll make you noodles. I can do that, right? It’s okay to do that… between us. Why do you keep staring at me? You’re pretty. You’re pretty. – Let’s eat.
– Yes. Aren’t you going to say it’s good? I don’t need to say it. Do you know why wonton noodles
are called “wonton noodles”? I don’t know. It goes down as easily as a cloud. That’s why it’s called
wonton noodles. It really goes down as easily
as a cloud. For it to go down smoothly, the skin has to be thin, the stuffing has to melt
like cotton candy, and the soup has to taste clean. The wonton skin and the stuffing
have to be like cloud. Even the soup has to be like cloud. That’s right. This is good. By the way, what did you mean earlier? “Between us”? What does that mean? Don’t you have more to say? It didn’t sound like that was it. That was it. Then what would you call
sharing noodles and earphones? I’ll hold the wok.
You’ll hold the ladle. We’re one body. Oh, one body. We’re the best partners. So it’s a camaraderie
within the workplace. Friendlier than that. That’s ambiguous. So do we have
an ambiguous relationship? Stop asking questions. I don’t like ambiguity. Ambiguity is nice.
What’s wrong with it? I hate ambiguous things. How is it nice? Life is ambiguous like that. I lived two more years than you did. What? – Nothing.
– How is ambiguity nice? It’s like being uncertain,
so you’re stuck in between. That’s so vague. I don’t like ambiguity. I reject ambiguity. You’re so talkative. Will you be happy if I said
this tasted ambiguous and vague? Hey, it’s not like
I want to be ambiguous. People aren’t ambiguous
because they like that. Everyone has their own reason
to be that way. So they’re holding back. I don’t know.
I can’t live in ambiguity. Good for you. – I won’t eat it.
– Come on. It makes my stomach feel ambiguous. I said stop. It’s so bland. There’s no zha cai,
no pickled radish, no kimchi. It doesn’t taste like anything. How can you be so mean… just because you lived
two more years? How can you eat wonton noodles
with zha cai and pickled radish? It’s the preference of the eater. Then don’t eat it. I cooked it at my own will.
You decided not to eat it. Let’s just do as we please.
Don’t eat it. Are you sulking? Yes, I am. I get sulky easily. Keep that in mind. I don’t want to. Do whatever you want then. It really does go down as easily
as a cloud. It’s good. Seol Ja. Yes. Poong, you punk. Well… Why are you two together… this late at night? You had a drink, Seol Ja. Yes, chef. Ladle, bring more drinks. Well, you seem quite drunk. Wait. The restaurant’s closed.
What are you two doing here? I’m… really curious. Ms. Ladle. How can you do that to my boss? How can you embarrass
my boss like that? – Pardon?
– What do you mean? – How did she embarrass him?
– Tell me. Why don’t you like my boss? I’ve never seen him like a woman. I don’t think
he has ever been in love. He’s never had one-sided love. This is the first time.
Plus, you’re a married woman. My boss, Chil Seong, never has a change of heart. I’m so worried that he’s going to… cherish her for a long time. My poor boss… likes someone who invited us
to her wedding. What can we do about this? – Well…
– Sae Woo. I know you rejected him,
but how can you… fart in front of a guy
who loves you? How can you make him smell that? You have no manners.
That’s so dirty. What do you mean? I never farted. Don’t you lie to me. You’re doing it again. We were so taken aback, so we even recorded it. Listen to this.
You can’t say you didn’t. Here. Wait. Did you hear that? Look at me. Did you hear that? I can even fart whenever I want
right after I eat. And I don’t need a signal
to take a dump. I can do it whenever I want. Look. I also get so many things
stuck in my teeth after I eat. So I get a lot of cavities. I probably have something
in between my teeth right now. Look. Goodness. Don’t. You should hear how cruel you were. The fact that I’m in love
with a married woman… I also thought… Gosh, this is so frustrating.
Hurry up and say it. I also thought of myself as crazy. Is that it? I thought of myself as a jerk. You also think it’s wrong, right? Yes, I do. So stop liking me from now on. Love isn’t something you do alone.
It has to be a mutual thing. Okay? Okay. You shouldn’t be like this. You broke the heart of a man… who is completely in love with you. He would never give up
just because you tell him to. He can’t get over his feelings
just like that. – Erase it right now.
– What? Erase all of it right now.
Erase what the other men have too. Do you need another slap
to get you moving? Boss. By the way, why do you all look so serious? Did something happen? Hey. I’m fine. I’ll be discharged tomorrow. I’m fine. Hey, Poong. Can you make me some noodles? The hospital food is horrible. Maeng Dal. You should go too. Okay, boss. I didn’t get to tell you, but a few days ago, Chil Seong… called me to Light and Shadow Loans. He asked me to be good to Ladle. He asked me to look after her… if you yell at her. If she looks tired, I should tattle to Chil Seong
and buy her good food. He also told me to help her take
breaks so that she doesn’t get sick. I was wondering why he asked
for such a favor behind your back. It was because he likes her. What kind of man is Chil Seong? Is he a good man? I have to visit the restroom. A patient shouldn’t walk around
like this. You came to my mind. I was curious about you, and I wanted to see you. Let’s go. I’ll take you back. Will you? Your surgical wound
hasn’t healed yet. If you make big movements
or get into fights, your stitches will burst open,
and you’ll bleed. It’ll be a big problem. Okay? Okay? Right. I’m sorry. Same for you.
Don’t forget your appointments. Yes, ma’am. (Hungry Wok) Did you think about it? Do you need more time? If I gave you 24 hours, I gave you a lot. I’m sorry. I’ll give you more time. No, I don’t need it. No. I’ll give it to you, so take it. When I first went to get a loan, I was surprised. I couldn’t believe someone would… lend me money. I will never forget it. For some reason,
I couldn’t get myself… to ask people I know for money. I was scared… because I felt like I would
lose them if they declined. All the money we had was gone, but I still had all of my pride. I’ll give you all of my money. I’ll also give you… all of my time too. Pride… isn’t something you give up. Don’t be hurt. To be honest,
more than anything anyone could say, the money you lent to me… consoled me. You’re a good loan shark. I’m a good man. Yes, it’s true you’re a good man. That’s why you should meet
a good woman. I feel sorry, and I’m thankful. That’s not love. I was confused when we kissed.
I couldn’t tell if it was right… or not. Stop getting stabbed… and stop getting hurt from fights. Also, stop getting hurt
because of me. I’m a nobody. Stop liking me. I’m sorry. Let’s give it three chances. Third time is the charm. Even if we give it three chances, I already said “no” twice. It’s already over. Do you know me? You… You don’t know me yet. You know me as a loan shark, someone with three criminal records, and someone… who gets hurt in fights. That’s all you know about me. Stop having regrets.
That will make you into a fool. Look up. It’s not like
you did anything wrong. I said, “look up”. Well? Well? Thank you.