(Hungry Wok) Again. Hi, kitty. The dough balloon… has to blow up to a size
as big as my face… in order to withstand the weight
of the broth and the stuffing. It keeps on popping
before I’m finished blowing it. Hey, kitty. If it pops,
it’ll be too thick and tough. I want to do a good job, but things won’t go my way. (Hungry Wok) (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum Festival) (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum Festival) Gosh. (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum Festival) It’s so delicious. It’s good. Tomorrow,
the Whole Shrimp Dim Sum Festival… will start between Finishing Touch
and Hungry Wok. Please do your best to be perfect
in your roles. – Yes, chef!
– Yes, chef! Seol Ja,
let’s work on the broth again. It tastes fishy
because of the shrimp’s intestines. We used wild-caught shrimp,
but since they were frozen, the intestines went bad
during the defrosting. That’s why we’ll use local
Pacific white shrimp… even though they’re farmed
because they’re alive. Yes, chef. Lady, you’ll be in charge
of preparing the shrimp. We’re all busy and short on time,
so please hurry. We need 12 shrimp in a tangbao, so prepare 2 boxes by deveining
and getting only the meat. Tiger shrimp are expensive, and it’s important to keep
the meat juicy. You cannot damage a single shrimp. Hold onto the legs as you rip off
the shell all at once. Make sure
to open the shell slowly… so you get the meat in one piece. Don’t damage anything. You can do it, right? Hen. Chicken feet. Pork rinds. Pork feet. Water. Stop. Ginger. Ginger… You shouldn’t cut it away,
you should scrape it off. If you use a knife,
the aroma will disappear. Don’t think of it as a peel. Think of it as a piece of clothing
covering a ginger. Make sure you don’t damage
the flesh of the ginger. Answer me. Yes, Cutting Part. Lady! Have you gone crazy? You need to peel it off properly. Do you know how expensive
tiger shrimp are? Half of the meat
is still stuck on the shell. When you peel apples, we only get
a quarter of the apple left to eat. Use your head.
What do you have it for? Geok Jeong. Only use strong flour… to make it chewy, but soft. Yes, chef. Spread it out as you knead… so that you can get rid of
all the air bubbles. Get down. Roll it like a scroll. Yes, chef. That way,
the thin layers will get chewier, and the dough will stretch easily. Then the shell won’t rip
even when we fill it with broth. Yes, chef. – Stop staring.
– Yes, chef. Are the balloons still popping? Let’s check. What do you have to do… to make sure the dumpling skin
doesn’t pop? Gum? Is it not supposed to pop? No. Ma’am, I’m sorry. I’m so sorry. I’m out of my mind
because of Whole Shrimp. My mouth has gone crazy. Chef Poong called me… a slug, Seol Ja. I’m sorry? The gangsters tell me
I have a loose screw. They say I’m broken. Who said that? Was it Maeng Dal?
The one with the white hair? The one with the white hair… is the man
you went to the hotel with. It wasn’t him. He’s actually nice to me. Did you… see me… going to a hotel with Maeng Dal? Then why didn’t you
say anything until now? Isn’t it only right to pretend like
you didn’t see those things? There’s nothing going on between us. We’re nothing. Why? He’s the nicest one
out of all of them. Have you gone mad?
He’s not good enough for me. My goodness. I’m sorry. I’m sorry, ma’am. (Hungry Wok) This is how
you’re supposed to eat this. Gosh. I can’t sleep at night
because my hands reek of ginger. This sandwich tastes amazing. Where’s Seol Ja and my…
Where are the two ladies? They went to the bathroom. Listen up. From now on, I want you guys… to start calling Poong “chef.
From now on, say, “Yes, chef.” “Okay, chef.” Okay? You can continue eating. (Hungry Wok) (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum
Summer Festival) (3 course shrimp menus
with main meal: 18 dollars) Seol Ja. I’ll show you what kind of man I am. Come to the 21st floor
of Giant Hotel. I want you to work with me. Your skill belongs
at a great place like this. Get out of that low-rated
Chinese restaurant… right now. Aren’t you going to go home? – That balloon…
– It’s a bubble gum. – Are you mocking me?
– No, chef. This is how badly… I want to make a balloon-like dough. Here. Oh, gosh. I’m not going to eat it. Come on. I made two servings.
You should have some. I thought I’d get to eat
whatever I want… if I became a chef. But I don’t even have time
to eat properly. Here. It’s my first jajangmyeon. I’ll mix it for you. It doesn’t taste good. Really? Are you being honest? Look. You boiled the noodles too much.
They’re way too soggy. And because you added
too much chunjang, you tried so hard to cover
the saltiness with sugar. So it tastes way too sweet. Who taught you
to do stuff like this? Me? Don’t lie to me.
Here. Look. The squid, shrimp, vegetables, and noodles
need to mix well with the sauce… and be in perfect harmony. But you didn’t even consider
the water inside the onions. Once I finish this dish, it’ll
become a whole new bowl of soup. I can’t even tell if this is
jajangmyeon or gan jajangmyeon. I know you think it tastes nice. Are you seriously smiling? You’re lasting longer than
I thought you would. Yes, chef. I know how hard it is to work
in the kitchen. Yes, chef. It was your first time
making jajangmyeon, so I’ll finish it. Yes, chef. I think it tastes nice. Give me a piece of bubble gum. No, not what you’ve been chewing.
Give me a new one. Oh, okay. The dough… needs to be soft, yet resilient. Yes, chef. In order for the dough
to hold in the stuff and broth, it needs to be elastic, yet strong. Also, it needs to have
a very soft texture. Yes, chef. Instead of adding eggs
to the dough, should we try adding duck eggs… and glutinous rice flour? Strong flour. Glutinous rice flour. Water. Duck egg. Give it to me. I’ll do it. Put some strength into it
and roll it to the side. Yes, chef. You need to put in more strength. – Like this?
– Yes. Hold it. It’s too saggy. Should we get rid of the water? Yes, chef. Strong flour. Glutinous rice flour. Duck egg. You’re good. The dough is too dry.
It doesn’t expand. We need to add water, but… – Should we add flour paste?
– Instead of glutinous rice flour? – Yes.
– Yes, chef. Again. Strong flour. Flour paste. Duck egg. Let’s try this one last time… and go home if it doesn’t work. Yes, chef. It’s getting bigger. My gosh. It didn’t pop. My goodness. It’s working. Nice. (Hungry Wok) (Chinese Cuisine) I signed the papers. It’s over. I’m not going to date. I’m just going to work. (Hungry Wok)