Let’s try this one last time
and go home if it doesn’t work. Yes, chef. It’s getting bigger. My gosh. It didn’t pop! We did it. Are you crazy? Are you nuts? I just really like the balloon. If you like the balloon,
you should kiss the balloon. Why did you kiss my cheek? Well… I signed the papers. It’s over. I’m not going to date. I’m just going to work. Aren’t you going to go home? What are you doing here? We’re blowing dumpling skins
into balloons. It works now. Blowing dumpling skins
into balloons? Do you want to try? It really works. Here. Grab it here. And blow it. – Like this.
– Yes. – Gather it like this.
– How? Gather it and blow it softly. It works. You can make a dumpling
into a balloon. It works! It really blows up like a balloon. This is really interesting. How can a dumpling become a balloon? Why are you here at this hour? I came to keep an eye on you. To see if you’re working well. You are doing well. – Is this one good?
– Yes. – Now we should do a different one.
– Okay. This is… What’s crucial… in making shrimp toast is… making the toast crisp… and keeping the shrimp moist. Would you like to… try my shrimp toast
for the first time… in 20 years? I’m here to see you as
the Cutting Part leader… of Hungry Wok. Stop with the Whole Shrimp
Dim Sum Festival. Hungry Wok. Do you really work there? Did you seriously stoop
to the level… of stealing someone else’s dish? A chef should never do that. I really did not know. Seol Ja. 20 years ago, I ate my consciences
like I ate a pecking duck… and fled to Korea with your money. But now I keep my conscience sharp
like a knife blade. Please believe me. Look. Your knife belongs to this… amazing place. Leave that lowly
Chinese restaurant… now. Work with me. No. I will pay you… three times your salary. Three times? That’s close to 10,000 dollars. 10,000 dollars. I pay you that much. Are you serious? – Mr. Du.
– Yes? If Poong and I are drowning,
which one will you save? I’ll save you, sweet lobster. Chef Poong. If Mr. Du and I are drowning,
which one will you save? I’ll save Mr. Du. Ask me. No. Because the answer is fixed. Fine. If Poong and I are drowning, which one will you save? I’ll save Chef Poong. See? Why? I think you can swim well
and save yourself. You’re a good fighter too. That means I’m cool. It also means that I’m manly. That’s right. I’m a good swimmer. I’m better than Poong. You have a good eye. Chil Seong. If all three of us are drowning, who will save us? Don’t worry. I’m a really great swimmer. I’ll save you both. Aren’t I cool? Let’s drink to that. (Hungry Wok) If you’re going to stay here… and sleep like that, sleep upstairs.
There are lots of rooms. – Come.
– It’s okay. You can stay with me. Until you find a new place to live. Follow me. I said it’s okay. Come on. Do as I say, you punk. Well… I… Live with a man?
Are you proposing to me? – Let’s go.
– What are you doing? (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum
Summer Festival) (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum Festival) Poong used to be in the Fire Part. Poong can’t be a master
to a cutter like you. Don’t work under him. I used to be in the Cutting Part,
just like you. Knives make or break a restaurant, not fire. Don’t work with ignorant fools
that don’t know that. (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum Festival) The weather forecast says
it’ll rain today. It’s not raining. There’s going to be a sudden shower. – But it’s not raining.
– It will. It’s not though. – Unbelievable.
– I told you it’d rain. Amazing. – Mr. Du.
– Yes? You brought two umbrellas. Bringing only one is like
giving myself away. This is why I can’t hate you. Sae Woo. Yes? Don’t hate me… even if you can’t like me. Even if I can’t like you,
you don’t want me to hate you? In a short time period, you got married and also divorced.
It must have been tough for you. Then a man like me… suddenly confessed to you. From now on, I won’t pressure you. I’ll only be your boss. So don’t be so awkward.
You can be comfortable around me. You can relax now. Cheer up. Thank you. It stopped. It did. – Go on.
– Okay. Today marks the first day… of the Whole Shrimp
Dim Sum Festival. Oh Maeng Dal,
you’re assisting the Cutting Part. Jeon I Man,
you’re preparing ingredients. Yang Gang Ho,
you’re doing the dishes. Bong Chi Su,
you’re assisting the Noodle Part. You’ll get to stick around
if you do a good job. You’ll be heading upstairs if you
have the same attitude as before. Okay? – Yes, chef!
– Yes, chef! Mr. Du, you’re at the cashier. Take your sunglasses off
and smile nicely. Okay? Okay. Chef. In addition, my right hand… is all better. All right. Will you be able to show off
your true talents now? Dan Sae Woo has been acting
as my Ladle until now. She’ll now be the assistant
to the Fire Part. Yes, chef. Did Ms. Chae… tell any of you that she’ll be late? I’m sure she’ll be here soon.
She was never late before. She was sharpening her knife
before leaving work yesterday. Maybe she’s stuck in traffic. We’ll be getting
a new Cutting Part today. It’s a woman, but she’s just as skilled as I am. This month’s deficit
is over 10,000 dollars… This is not including your salaries. Due to my incompetency,
we’re all going to die… if we continue like this. Even if we all die,
I hope you pay us on time. Look. Your knife belongs to this… amazing place. Leave that lowly
Chinese restaurant now. Work with me. No. 10,000 dollars. I pay you that much. Hurry up and cross over.
Why are you hesitating? I can’t do it without you. You’ll have to give up… on the Whole Shrimp
Dim Sum Festival… before you can even start. Ms. Chae, please… No. You’ll have to close down
the restaurant too. Help me. Hello. Whose name
did you make reservations under? – Kim Eun Hee.
– Kim Eun Hee. We’ll take you to your table. Enjoy your meal. Our VIP guests are here.
VIP guests are here. Hello.
I’ll direct you to your table. – Okay.
– This way. Chef, the VIP wants… her stir-fried shrimp to have
a light smoky taste. Can you take out the chili oil? She also asks that you don’t use
too much scallion and garlic. Okay. Okay. Good to go! – Good to go!
– Good to go! Make sure there isn’t
too much starch. Yes, chef! Okay. Good to go! – Good to go!
– Good to go! Here is your stir-fried shrimp. Enjoy. How is it, ma’am? It’s melting in my mouth
before I can chew it. It looks like you kept
the moisture in nicely. The eight different flavors
of the shrimp… wasn’t overpowered by the sauce. It’s delicious. Thank you. Even still,
you should have told your Ladle… that you’re taking your cast off
in advance. Couldn’t you have told me earlier? The doctor told me this morning
that I could take it off. I didn’t have a chance. What is it?
Are you unhappy that I took it off? Strangely, yes. It’s more strange
that you’re upset about my cast. We’re in a war starting today.
We have to fight properly. It’s way too quiet. I even have my cast off, but I can’t use my wok. (Whole Shrimp Dim Sum
Summer Festival) What is it? What? I’m just going to run an errand.