Cutting Part. Noodle Part. We’re off to work. – Bye, Mom.
– Don’t be home too late. No way. You’re the best cutting part
I’ve ever seen. There’s a great noodle part
that I used to work with. Will you take my recommendation? I heard you’re hiring
someone for the Noodle Part. – Ms. Chae told me about you.
– It’s Im Geok Jeong. I heard… you’re hiring. Are you hiring?
Are you hiring kitchen staff? I’m hiring both. Don’t they look like
a family already? Their houses must all be
in the same direction. Again? Chef Poong, you went too far. It’s not like she made the mistake
on purpose. There are so many customers
during lunchtime. It doesn’t make sense
to have only one server. Can’t you see how busy she is… as she tries her best to
wait tables all by herself? Why are you always so harsh on her? I’ll go check up on her. Where do you think you’re going?
You need to help me out. Let me go. Just a second. What’s wrong with him? I don’t care. Let’s get ready. Did you have to be so harsh on
Ms. Jin and make her quit like that? Why do you change
once you enter the kitchen? If you let your anger out like that,
it’ll only end up hurting people. You’ll upset them
and hurt their pride. I know customers are important, but
your employees are more important. This is why all the kitchen staff
hate you. Who exactly are you talking about? Are you talking about Ms. Chae,
Mr. Im, you, and Ms. Jin who just quit? I already know that the gangsters
hate me. It’s not a surprise. But why do you all hate me?
I didn’t say anything wrong. You don’t need to be so harsh
just because you’re right. If you insult people just because
they make a few mistakes, no one would want to stay. You could’ve just
talk to her privately. You didn’t have to humiliate her
in front of all those people. Do you feel better now that you’ve
fired Ms. Jin like that? Working in the kitchen isn’t a joke. Plus, I didn’t fire her.
She willingly decided to quit. What’s the difference?
You practically made her quit. That’s the same thing as firing her. – You’re really confident.
– What? Are you on my side… or on the kitchen staff’s side? You’re being so immature. (Hungry Wok) (Yang Jae Pal) (Light and Shadow Loans) What are you doing here? What’s that? Oh, it’s just something
for my house. My gosh. He looks just like you. You guys look exactly alike. It’s impressive. Why are you here? I fought with Poong. You fought with Poong? Poong got angry at Ms. Jin… and made her quit
without even discussing it with you. Don’t tell on him. It’s his kitchen. I’m not telling on him. I’m just worried that
he might end up all by himself. What if Ms. Chae and Mr. Im
leave the kitchen? Then he’ll be in so much trouble.
He won’t be able to do business. That’s what I’m worried about him. So you came here because you’re
worried about him, not because you guys fought. Mr. Du. Poong tends to listen
to everything you say to him. He only listens to you. You don’t
know how much he likes you. Can you please tell him
not to be so harsh… to the kitchen staff
and start being more caring? (Light and Shadow Loans) You like Poong, don’t you? What? Yes. Can I touch this? This must be like a treasure to you. I’m starting to miss my dad. Can’t you just leave this here? I want to come up here and touch it
every time I’m having a hard time. – Fine.
– Nice. – Enjoy your dish.
– Thank you. – Enjoy your dish. Welcome.
– Here you go. – Sweet and sour pork.
– Okay, sir. – This looks nice.
– Here you go. – My gosh.
– I’m sorry. Maeng Dal, watch where you’re going. Yes, ma’am. – Are you okay, Sae Woo?
– Yes, Ms. Chae. Mr. Im. The dumpling skin should
be evenly thin, but it’s not. Use your right hand more
when you’re rolling the pin. Make it even in thickness.
Do it again. I’m sorry? I just started. Don’t be so picky. It’s so thin it’s about to rip. I want it to about to rip.
I never said rip it. Do it over. Yes, chef. Good job, Dong Sik. Make sure you have
the dough ready… when it’s time for him
to make the dumpling shells. If you separate them now,
it’ll lose all the moisture… and get clumpy. Okay? Yes, chef. – Start over.
– Yes, chef. Good to go. Who says you can serve it? Look at it. Look at them. All of the heads fell off. Headless shrimp are everywhere.
It’s too scary to eat. – Do it again.
– Shoot. “Shoot”? It’s “Yes, chef”. Yes, chef. – Hey, move the steamers.
– Yes, chef. – Okay, good to go.
– Good to go. Don’t copy me. What? You must talk formally to me. Serve it. Yes, chef. How mean. Get me the ingredients
for tenderloin sweet and sour pork. Yes, Cutting Part. – Cutting Part.
– Yes, chef? When preparing the vegetables
for sweet and sour pork, you must dice the carrots,
chop the cucumbers sideways, slice the onions,
cut big chunks of meat, and mince the pineapples. Didn’t we make this an agreement? We did. That’s how I cut them. You mixed up the carrots
and the cucumbers. Do them over. But… Okay. This happened because
we’re short one person. I never make such mistakes.
Look at what happened. As for the tenderloin, it should be 5mm thick
and 2cm long. It’s currently 3mm thick
and 2cm long. I told you we shouldn’t be stingy
with the ingredients. Do it over. It’s not like I overused the meat.
I’m saving you meat… to help you earn more money.
What’s the matter? Did you do that for me?
I know that’s not true. What? There’s no way. – Water.
– Yes, chef. Cutting Part, don’t be so mad. Why is a fire part assistant
more worried about a cutting part? If you like her so much,
you should become her assistant. – Have it.
– Forget it. – Maeng Dal, get me water.
– Okay. Good to go. – Good to go.
– Good to go. Good to go! (Hiring Female Workers) (Chef Poong) Do you think I would pick up? The number you have dialed
is not available. Please leave… Can I step out later since you have
an omakase reservation? – For what?
– It’s a secret. You sure love secrets. You want to date in secret too. – Are you embarrassed of me?
– No. If you’re not, how can you keep it a secret
from the family-like kitchen staff? If they’re like your family,
why did you make her quit? Forget it. We’ll continue to keep it a secret. Let’s never tell our family,
our friends, nor our colleagues. We’ll keep dating in secret. Okay? Do you think
I want to keep it a secret? What is it?
I thought you found it exciting. Why are you being so strange today? Don’t you have anything
to say to me? No. Where are you going? It’s a secret. I have secrets too. Should I just tell him? What if we break up because of this? Mom and everyone else
will make a huge fuss. So the four of you live together? Did you lie to me on purpose
from the start? Is Ms. Jin your mother? Yes. I’m Sae Woo’s mom. I can’t let you two date. Why did you have to be her mom? Because you hate me, she’s unsure and embarrassed. That’s why she wants to keep us
a secret. How can you look down on me? The four of you tricked me
from the start… and that wasn’t enough? Must I be monitored… by your family? Ms. Jin, why do you hate me so much? Do I have to say it out loud? Yes, please tell me. I really don’t get it. You’re a divorcee. So is your daughter.
That’s hardly an excuse. It’s different with her. Okay, how is it different? – You don’t have any parents.
– Mom. How much do you earn? – Do you even have a home?
– No. – Did you graduate from university?
– What’s the matter with you? I was a university student
when I got hired by the hotel, so I never graduated. Is a university certificate
that important to you? – My daughter went to the States…
– Mom, please! to get her master’s degree. She’s the daughter
of a bank president. Her father will be out soon. She doesn’t deserve
to be at a Chinese restaurant… with a ladle and a wok in her hands. So? How dare you like her?
You should know your place. You should date someone
who is similar to you. That’s how you date
and get married. Forget everything. I wouldn’t like you
even if you were a millionaire. A son-in-law like you? You have such bad manners. I dread having a son-in-law
who tells me I’m too slow. I don’t want a son-in-law
who knows that I do the dishes… and serve jajangmyeon
at a place like this! Okay, then we’ll continue
dating in secret. We’ll date in secret until we die. I’ll make sure to trouble you
until I die. You can look forward to it. Go away. I won’t. Get away from my daughter. – I won’t.
– Go away! Should I go away? Let’s schedule a blind date. No, no. I’m so sorry… No… Why do you keep on calling me? – Well…
– What about my pay? Give it to me. I’ll go after that. I’m sorry. Thanks to you, our restaurant was able
to get rid of the bad image. You even went outside… to lure in the customers. You did well. The restaurant isn’t running
properly because you’re not there. There are many customers
asking for you too. Whenever I’m in the kitchen, I get anxious, and I talk… roughly. I’m sorry. Please forgive me. Please come back. Please be our hall manager. Please. Could I ask you for a favor? Yes. Please go ahead. I’ll do whatever you want. Do you… like Sae Woo? You shouldn’t like Sae Woo. You don’t suit each other. I don’t like Sae Woo. Of course not. Do you mean that? Yes. Let me think about
whether I should… go back or not. Were you hungry? You’re so cute. You’re back early. Where did you go? You can… sit here if you want. I’ll forgive you
about the fight earlier. What’s wrong with you?
You didn’t do anything right either! Both of you
want to join our kitchen? He’s a talented Noodle Part. I heard that someone else
is behind the theft… of the recipe note, not you. I only wanted you. I never asked you
to bring baggage. “Baggage”? Did you… just call him “baggage”? Yes. – Let’s go.
– On top of that, you came to my kitchen with Poong… and made a complete mess. If you acknowledge my talent, you should also believe
in the person I recommend. Chef Poong agreed
as soon as I recommended Geok Jeong. That was at
a neighborhood Chinese restaurant. I only want you. Forget it. – Let’s go.
– Okay. Seol Ja!