I’ll go and look. Maeng Dal. Maeng Dal, where… My goodness. I almost forgot your face. Seol Ja, why did you
run away like that? You’ll give me a heartache. That’s why I sneaked back here. I’ll be in big trouble
if Ms. Jin finds out I came here. Did you buy ramyeon? I brought us
a bottle of Kaoliang wine. I’ll make you something
more delicious than ramyeon. – Come over here. This way.
– Okay. My goodness! – Ms. Chae.
– What’s going on? Sae Woo, why are you here? How dare you! Did you fool me? You said you missed me
and promised to make me ramyeon. Was it all a trap
to make me see Chef Poong? How can you say that? I’m hurt. Don’t you know
I really meant all that? Also, we can’t let the hotel
take over Hungry Wok. I know you feel the same way I do. I don’t work for Hungry Wok anymore. – Let’s go, Sae Woo.
– Seol Ja. If we win this bet, you can work in a hotel kitchen. You’ll be the cutting part
at Finishing Touch. Don’t you think you’re too talented
to work for my family? That’s what I always thought
while growing up. Instead of our helper, I’m sure you would have made it
as a hotel chef too. I mean it! Please help me, Ms. Chae. You know very well
that we can’t win without you. I’ll be kicked out by Ms. Jin… if she finds out
that I’m helping you. She might never see me again.
Let go of me. Yes, let go of her. Okay. Hey. Once you see what I plan to make,
you’ll change your mind. – But…
– Let go of her hand. I used sawdust of apple trees
to coat it with the aroma of apples. It’s a full lobster. Is this what you’re using? It looks delicious. I must shell the lobster… without damaging its shape. Once it’s de-shelled, this dish must keep
its original form. We have to shell it in one hour
without damaging the meat. You must work fast
in order to cook for 100 portions. It’s for the Cutting Part. It’s a dish that can only be made… with a cutting part. You’re not supposed to do it
with a knife. Move. Each lobster takes two minutes. If I shell all 25,
that will take me over 50 minutes. How can we win that way? The tail meat of the lobster
is the main part. You can’t let it get damaged. Make only a small crack. If you twist
the end of your knife… The pincers shouldn’t have
any cracks. It should look glossy. This is small,
but it’s the sweetest part. You can’t just throw it away. It only took you a minute
to shell the lobster. You’re amazing indeed. It’s at 11am, four days from now. The competition will take place
at Finishing Touch’s kitchen. Please be there. I’m begging you. Please, Seol Ja. A realtor got in touch with me. Someone wants to buy this building. Dong Sik, check how much the auction price
for the hotel might be. Okay. Also,
check who will be participating. Okay. By the way, why hasn’t your mother
visited us lately? Maybe it’s too much pressure
to be my mother. I can understand.
I’m a thug after all. No way. Now that you know, she should come more often. Chil Seong, your mom
is going on a trip. I’m not trying to run away,
so don’t worry. Don’t skip your meals. Mom. What about
the rest of your kitchen staff? They’ll be here. They must. Don’t you dare leave. (Oh Maeng Dal) Our ingredient… is lobster. What about you? Ours is pork belly. Where’s your Cutting Part
and Fire Part assistant? They’ll be here soon. Once they come out, drag them
into your car. Don’t hurt them. You just need to keep them with you. So just go for a three-hour drive. I can’t let anyone see me,
so I’ll be driving behind you. Yes, sir. What the… My gosh, how loud.
Who’s doing that? Ms. Jin, I’ll go outside
and tell whoever it is to stop. You should go, Geok Jeong. I think it’s due to parking issues. Okay, ma’am. Geok Jeong, I’m going to make
kalguksu for Ms. Jin. So please make the dough for me.
Go on. Okay. I’ll help. Where are you going? I’m going to pick some chili
from the yard. You like spicy food. You can come with me
if you’re suspicious. Come on. Seol Ja, please come outside
before someone from this… rich neighborhood comes
and drags me by my collar. My gosh, stop it.
You’re being so loud. Stop honking. Get in the car. We don’t have time. – Gosh, I can’t…
– Come on. We need to go. – No, I can’t. I can’t go.
– Come on. I’ll take full responsibility.
Come on. Let’s go. – Come on.
– If Ms. Jin finds out… Let’s just go already. What should we do?
Should we stop his car? No, he’s a gangster too.
So it won’t be easy to stop him. Follow him for now. I want you guys down
in the parking lot in five minutes. We’ll have to stop them there. Are you doing this by yourself? Poong, I think everyone knows
who’s going to win. This is way too easy. Don’t talk to me. I’m busy. Lobsters have the highest salinity
among all seafoods. So it’s crucial to get rid of
the saltiness. I want both of you to
get rid of the saltiness. – Yes, chef.
– Yes, chef. 1, 2, 3, 4. Didn’t you pay attention
when I taught you? I’m sure I taught you to get rid of
the salt water for 10 seconds. If you only spend four seconds,
it’ll be too salty to eat. I’ll take care of the remaining six
seconds, so mind your own business. Why aren’t they coming back? Geok Jeong. You should go check up on them. If you find them, bring them back home. Okay? Okay, Ms. Jin. My husband needs to get discharged
to make them break up. Seol Ja, are you really
on your way to the hotel? We’re at the hotel parking lot. Geok Jeong, tell Ms. Jin
that I came here… to help Chef Poong compete
with the hotel restaurant. Tell her I won’t be able to live
peacefully if I don’t help… and this will be the last time
I work as his Cutting Part. Tell her that I’ll never go near
his kitchen again. Please try to make her understand. Tell her I’m really sorry. Seol Ja, what are you thinking? Are you planning to cut ties
with Ms. Jin? Seol Ja. Hello? Don’t let any other car… enter the parking lot
for three hours from now. And take away
all of their cell phones. – There’s a spot over there.
– Okay. – What are these cars?
– My gosh, who are they? Hey, come on. You can’t park so close to our car. Can you park a little to the side? – Can you move forward a bit?
– I’ll go forward. What’s going on? Who are they? If we win, give up on your rights to protest,
which is worth 3,000,000 dollars. Also, shut down Hungry Wok. Sign it. (Signature) (Giant Hotel’s VIP
Food Tasting Event) If we win, give us the Chinese restaurant… right away. You better keep your promise. That’s what I’d like to say. (Du Chil Seong) (Yong Seung Ryong) (Du Chil Seong,
Yong Seung Ryong) My gosh. – I’m looking forward to this.
– Me too. We should’ve learned how to do it
if we knew this was going to happen. That’s not something
you can master in a few days. Is that how you’re going to try
and make it in time? You’re boiling it unnecessarily
because you didn’t spend… enough time to get rid
of the salt water earlier. Do you not know… that every time you boil it,
it’ll end up losing its sweet taste? Sugar. I’m going to use sawdust
from apple trees… to add the scent of sweet apples. Then I’m going to shell
the lobster in whole. It’s way better than cutting… every single part like that.
It makes it lose its natural taste. Don’t you dare compare… my lobster dish with
some kind of low-class fritter. I’ll now show you only
the best techniques… of Cantonese-style fried food… including each grain of rice
and piece of crushed garlic. You need to get rid of
all the stickiness in rice. You need to get rid of
the starchy texture… in order to prevent them
from sticking to each other. But it’s still fried food.
It’ll be too greasy. Gosh, it smells like apples. Switch positions. You’re trying so hard
to make it work all by yourself. When will you make 100 servings
like that? We don’t have time.
Let’s choose the plates. Rock-paper-scissors. Okay, the black plates are mine. You’re not supposed to do it
with a knife. Make only a small crack. The pincers shouldn’t have
any cracks. It should look glossy. It took you 1 minute
to de-shell 1 lobster. You have 15 minutes left now, and there are 24 lobsters left. You don’t have time to spend
a minute for each lobster. You should help me, or the lobsters should peel
their shells themselves. Both won’t happen. So… my hands… should move faster, right? (Wok of Love) The ingredient of my choice
is pork belly. No problem. The final result is 115 to 85. She has been fighting it well,
but her cancer has returned. I’m glad that I’ve been proven
not guilty. Then will you be reinstated
as the president? Please don’t date my daughter. Why can’t it be me? My daughter needs love and Poong. It must be hard for you too. Don’t you want to work with me?