The ability that you you have to have
strong writing skills here, strong communication skills, work as a team here,
and the fact that you’re exposed to so many different concepts and ideas and
people, and to be able to be a critical thinker, are all skills that you need in
the workforce. And so I think for our african-american students, the fact that
you’re here, take advantage of all of the opportunities. One, you get an incredible
education. But take advantage of all of the opportunities that you have at
Berea. Also you’re in a very nurturing environment. Which is not always the case
in a lot of other universities and so you have people who really care about
whether or not you’re going to succeed and want you to succeed here and work
with you to make sure you succeed. So that when you get out of Berea you’ve
got such a good foundation that you can really do anything and I firmly believe
that I think my story demonstrates that you can really do anything. And I have
sat in the room where there have been people, very high-level, very senior
people, and to be able to converse with those people, to think on my feet and to
do the kind of work that I’ve been able to do you have to have a solid
foundation to build upon and you get that at Berea.