(SR) BACK FROM BANKRUPTCY. CENTRAL FALLS EMERGED FROM CHAPTER NINE PROTECTION TODAY. IT TOOK FIFTEEN MONTHS FOR THE STATE-RUN CITY TO ERASE ITS MASSIVE DEFICIT. BUT THIS BATTLE IS NOWHERE NEAR WON. IT’S GOING TO TAKE YEARS TO REORGANIZE THE FINANCES. TARGET 12 INVESTIGATOR WALT BUTEAU IS LIVE IN THE NEWSROOM NOW WITH MORE DETAILS. (WB) CHAPTER 9 LAID OUT 6 YEARS OF BALANCED BUDGETS FOR CENTRAL FALLS. BUT WITH HIGHER PROPERTY TAXES. . .LOWER PENSIONS…AND NO ROOM FOR ERROR. Central falls officials. . .put in office by the city’s voters. . .still do not, quite, control their economic future. . . If we spend 10 dollars on the deficit side, we best have 10 on the asset side. And any budget changes will have to be approved by a finance officer. . .who will then report to the state through fiscal 2016. . . Meanwhile, court documents indicate some city pensioners will recieve 55 percent less than they were promised but the same documents show the pension fund is now sustainable. Central Falls also lost about a third of its municipal work force. . . Since the original reciever took over about a year ago. . . —————— Ferri is optimistic but cautious. ——————– Unfortunately there’s always hidden problems. God forbid we have a rescue break down or a fire truck. Or, one or two bad years of snow. . . No matter what, the city’s expected to keep the court approved budgets in balance…while property owners can expect 4 percent tax increase each year. . . The Wyatt Detention center might offer increased revenue Wyatt pays property taxes but according to Ferri, the prison used to pay the city additional money, depending on it’s imate population. The prison’s last payment of 283 thousand dollars came in 2008. How much could you get a year from Wyatt? Well a quarter million would be wonderful. A half million would be nice. Unfortunaley the bond holders get paid. (WB) 99 PERCENT OF THE CITY’S CREDI CITY’S CREDITORS SIGNED OFF ON THE BANKRUPCY PLAN. LIVE IN THE NEWSROOM WITH THE TARGET 12 INVESTIGATORS, WALT BUTEAU, EYEWITNESS NEWS.