sierra but people probably that hero of merrill lynch john think has the
nerve to come out the day and say or yet by the way i’d like ten million dollar
bonus merrill lynch is the company that was
about to go under went back to america border at a fire sale price know why uh… this year they lost eleven point
six seven billion dollars and get a little of that balls on this case eleven point six seven billion dollars
was company he’s a c_e_o_ he’s ultimately responsible the bus stop there and then he goes in other words is
giving ten million dollars as a bonus as our bonus always robot bankrupting the country from losing eleven billion dollars warriors excuse career a fiskars geysers
latin america he said well kelly loss over eleven
billion dollars but it could’ve been worse we could all swale billion dollars so do you mean by ten billion dollar
boats the you gotta be messing with me man and remember these guys merrill lynch eve even though uh… they were not
rescued quote-unquote by the united states government as part of the deal to
go back to america truck billions of dollars from the seventy billion dollar bailout so they’re getting government money now they can government money any doesn’t go
ten million dollar bonus for losing eleven million dollars i watched planet maan the certainly is dead serious they don’t get it you don’t just get the money anymore for
being only is the end up there you should have kept it for well i threw out a flatbed economy has about ten million dollars you know why casinos free money before they got used
to it and the boy was apologetic to official
reconcile it but there’s some talk for a group
conduct liner as well seek these guys they’re walker who’s now
because of a born because in the c_e_o_ that money just keeps going like is fed
up with some political climate you shouldn’t embarrassed last eleven billion dollars is such that his job cuz thats you know i was the adolescent lose
eleven billion dollars we get fired we’ve ever had the november masterton
million dollar bonus these guys and drive me crazy man but
you know what uncover their house i would drive them
crazy too no boris was freud anybody that lost any
money you lose money your own he’ll get a bonus coffees for grocers