mistake dot com into the financial
health of several food chains of throughout the country and they i’ve
decided that by looking at of the total assets total liabilities market
capitalization sales retained earnings and earnings before interest in taxes that uh… several of our popular food
chains are probably going to go bankrupt within the next two years some of these
i would’ve called without question really like what you think that will
first of all that food going from the most least risky to most risky so red
robin that i think that the retroactive red rocks delicious i’d love it it’s a
good burger red robin but i can see that system for all saying
what’s on it but these are the ones in those two ruby tuesday also seems kind of uh… then uh…
uh… uh… carol’s restaurant reported from pickle carrying out that if they were around
miami it for yielding chicken and tropical means tropical a fifteen hundred that benetton and uh… i think i don’t know maybe a bigoted apoyo for tropical hope weapons ok final exam
before on this last is i have applebee’s i happen applebee’s yet but i
hope sir depressing impressing are always makes me feel
about about myself totally that’s rare restaurant should not make you feel that
we shouldn’t say this because i hop is like the rest of choice for the text of
the political based on which a cry for no one else whites ought not accept
reject it’s amazing uh… but like on science data lhs i’d
sign no arrest running outside bales no
israeli television everything everywhere and email it’s not run right is not
because of the clothes that like so you get there for lunch let you go
like whitehead avaible for fifty feet on if you have a debate or any kind of a
and i want my sellable avail of the ruth’s chris steakhouse wishes would win kiki leslie expense and i totally
understand where that’s on the list it’s not more expensive and other high in
state houses about but yeah but but what do we mean by that ok first of all tough
economic times so most people are going to go to these expensive steak houses and you’re looking at about fifty
dollars for a stay yet forty to fifty dollars first that’s krajina and and and
the goods they cost of the and twenty dollars for a cocktail so by the time
you finished with your mail you end up spending two hundred bucks that there frontrunner honest person yumiko
professor ties for two people so i got a hundred hundred dollars each that’s what
a nice dinner that’s crazy they’re still interface of
apartments that fit like that because we don’t like uh… you mention that the
times mortenson started here about more as a great steak as your at that but this book uh… wendy’s arby’s and
denise they could get any sleep after a little
depressed with your denny’s is number one on listeners multiple for the
riskiest okay uh… which doesn’t surprise me dies is
disgusting uh… but that also lake uh… uh… and
the other restaurants that are a file for bankruptcy spar because it is about take anywhere there’s too many good
pizza places nobody would go to support laden catch-up instead and recounts which i’m surprised
that now customer account idea yet because
it’s here reconnaissance deliciously had great time have you ever had to wait for
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and he did but they advocate militias to and are now came back from break i feel that were
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