Hi this is Lee Phillips. I want to talk about about changing trustees for just a minute. Probably the most common amendment that I get to a trust is I want a different order of the trustees. That doesn’t necessarily mean that we’re mad at our first choice of trustee but our son used to live in town and now he lives on the other side of the country. We’re going to pick another kid who lives in town and make him first choice. How do we change the succession of these trustees the successor trustees? You’re going to have to make an amendment to the trust it’s not hard usually there’s three or four paragraphs and an and an amendment to a trust . You know, “I created the trust it says I can amend the trust” “I want to amend this section” and you only amend the section that talks about the trustees the trustees and you just order your list. list and I’ve talked about making the list in another YouTube video also but you just change the succession or the order of that list or you put new names on the list whatever whatever you want to do you just amend that little piece of the trust and then at the bottom of it you say all other sections of the trust exactly the same as they were so we’ve now changed the trustees it was easy like I say it’s the most common amendment that I get to the trust, but you do have to make a formal amendment to the trust in order to change the trustees, the order of the successor trustees that you want to be to have take place after you die or after mom dad dies when the trust takes effect. This is Lee Phillips. I’m talking about what happens if you want to change trustees.