If your debts have accumulated beyond
your means and creditor harassment is extremely stressful, if you are feeling constant financial
pressure and the money coming in does not cover what is owed, the
situation may seem hopeless. But there is relief. With offices in
Wilmington and Newark, Delaware Rahaim & Saints has helped hundreds of people in your
position escape from debt and start over by filing
bankruptcy. I’m an experienced bankruptcy attorney
who routinely represents couples, families and
individuals throughout the state of Delaware. A chapter 7 personal bankruptcy
eliminates most unsecure debts, including credit card
balances, most judgments, personal loans, certain back taxes,
gambling debt and medical bills. It will also stop any wage garnishments. You will
not have to pay these creditors and they must stop calling your home, your relatives and your work as soon as
you file. Many people fear they will lose their property and personal belongings
when they file bankruptcy. But, this is simply not true. In Delaware,
most of your assets can be exempt, meaning you can keep your home and car as long as you continue to make payments. You
can also keep all funds in your retirement account and your personal belongings, including your clothes and furniture.
Please contact Rahaim & Saints today to schedule your consultation to discuss filing chapter 7 and starting over
financially. Dial 302 892 9200 today. We offer free consultations and serve all of Delaware.