Hi, I’m David Leibowitz. I am honored to welcome you to our trustee website. As you may know, I’ve been serving as a Chapter 7 trustee in
Chicago since 1990, and in that capacity, I’ve handled tens of thousands of cases. It occurred to me that I can help you, as
well. The reason I can is that I can represent you if you’re a trustee. I can serve as a
receiver for your receivership, I can serve as a trustee in your estate. The work and
experience I’ve had as a bankruptcy trustee can serve you in any other aspect of fiduciary
service. Not only that, but if another fiduciary has not done a good job for you, we can tell
you what they’ve done wrong, and we can help you make that right. Take advantage of our experience and let us
help you with your unique needs in the fiduciary area.