Hurry up What’s in it? Sewing machine of quilt factory Now it’s a diversion. What are you doing with this? Throw it Now there are not many machines in the whole quilt factory. It’s a pity to throw them away Things are dead, people are alive. As long as people are here, they can do it later, throw it, and take the comrades in the clothing field to move quickly Go, slowly Hurry up, aunt, others follow up Sister, Dingling, what’s wrong What should we do if the army stretcher is used up and the wounded can’t move We can’t leave any soldiers behind. Come back with me to dismantle the door panel Hurry up to transfer Shield, enemy comes Shoot Follow me Director, Old Shi Go to support the chief Old Shi, director Hateful enemy, go Chief Guan, we are here to support you I let you break through , How did you get back The commissar died What? The commissar died Lead the troops to occupy the position in the west, so that the League Headquarters and logistics organs can win the transfer time Five company’s brothers come with me So this is guanzhenshan’s headquarters, yes But he has moved his troops, leaving only a small number of defenders in the village It seems that my friend is in a hurry and hasn’t even picked the brand Order the troops to pursue Send someone to lock the signal of guanzhenshan. As long as the signal is there, he can’t run Old Ma Old Ma, hold on I’ll be with you in the next life. You teach me how to use knives You have to take the team out Old Ma Kill them Report, that’s all This is a weapon made by the Eighth Route Army’s Jizhong Arsenal They’ve thrown away such expensive things. They’re in a state of total failure Is there any news for the radio monitor No, but I ordered them to keep listening I don’t believe he doesn’t use the radio to contact his superiors Yes, You take people to continue the search, but don’t panic them. Report any news at any time How is your situation there? Half down, brother are dead It’s hard to watch them die They are great You tell me how the commissar died Fragments of the grenade pierced his heart Partner, you just left me and die Come R.I.P You can rest assured that I will lead this team well Now is not the time when we are sad. We need to find a way to break through Now run, I don’t think so Haven’t you seen it? Even if you break through, what about the next stop They are coming for you. If you have any good ideas, please let me know Give me one of the group’s broken radio stations, what There are only two left in the whole regiment. Here you are? Why don’t you understand? Because the radio station calls, the enemy will capture our position You give me a radio station. I’ll take the enemy around . When you break out, turn on the radio station and contact the military division Got it Don’t hesitate. We all know you are a hero. We live for nothing else but life You need to break through with your troops. Don’t worry. The enemy can’t solve us We have no other ability but to run fast You can rest assured that we will finish the task Time is short. Don’t hesitate On behalf of the brothers of the independent mission, thank you Why you say this Don’t thank me. Please have a drink when we get back, wait Remember to gather in Tangwang village in the south in three days You have to come back. Do you hear me Captain, we found his radio signal At this area Take people to search now. Take more people This road is not right. We’re still in place We’re going to take them around until we knock them out Commander, you see, we find who Are you ok, Doctor Ding We are fine Why are you here We were going to break through, but when we met the enemy, we broke up, and then we met shunzi Then follow us. This is not the place to talk. Get out of here