I’m Sarabjit Singh Gill,
and you are? Kundan Sharma. Alright, goodbye. See you. There’s a lot to do and he’s busy. Now that we’re all here,
shall we sit at one table? Why not?
– Waiter, table for six. Sir, there’s a table
for five that side. Ginni! Ginni! You? Manish Trikha.
Senior officer, cyber cell. Greetings!
– Greetings. Including you… …about 20,525 people in India… …have faced online crimes. Until now we haven’t been able
to nab a single criminal. Why not?
– It’s the same story every time. We found neither any
evidence nor a clue. It’s almost impossible for
you to get your money back. Mom! Mom! What happened, mom? Someone get me water! Mom, have faith. Ginni, what are you doing here? Ma’am, your order. Two portions of ‘samosas’. Pizzas. Two burgers. Two portions of ‘samosas’
and two burgers? But, Ginni, you are alone.
– Yes, so? Then why have you
ordered two of each? Well, Harleen, I was too hungry. So, I ordered a little extra. A little extra?
This is too much, Ginni! And, Ginni, what did I tell you? You must follow a healthy diet. Ginni, look at your weight! Who would marry you? Waiter, take all this back
and bring a fruit salad. It’s okay, Harleen. Ginni will get married to the
person she’s destined to be with. Weight doesn’t matter. And, besides,
Ginni is really sweet! Waiter, bring ma’am a salad. It’s okay, right, Harleen? And, now that Meher has said it… Yes. What difference
does it make to me? Eat up now that your
dear Meher has said so! Give me, Ginni! Well, let’s order a hot choco
lava cake now that we’re here. Exactly! Best idea. Yes! Now we must find
a suitable groom for Ginni. Why wouldn’t we? After all, I’m looking
for a groom for Ginni. Really?
– Yes. Wow!
– Aunt Binni called me. My mom called you, Meher? Yes, Robbie. Aunt Binni told me that I
must find a suitor for Ginni. And, anyway, mom knows
many matchmakers. That’s why…
– Thank you, Meher. You needn’t look for
a groom for her… …because I’ve already
found a suitor for Ginni… …from a very affluent family. What happened?
– Nothing, Harleen. Don’t worry. No, Sarab. I’ll pick it up. It’s okay. It’s okay, momsy. Here, take. Momsy, are you okay? Momsy… …why are your hands shivering? My hand? No. Well… We were under the sun… …all day for the campaign. I think, I am dehydrated. Or else… …my blood pressure went up.
I’m not sure. I think, that is the reason.
– Here, momsy… …have water.
– Yes. Thank you. Momsy, save our energy. You have to have a lot
of fun at Ginni’s wedding. Ginni, you know… …where Harleen has looked
for a suitor for you? They belong to a reputed family. The suitor has… …a lot of money in his name. He is just the way
you want him to be. His height, body, face… …is like that of an actor! I just hope that… …they like you. Well, Robbie, I… Ginni, tell me. What happened? I… Ouch! What happened, Harleen? What is it? There is someone down there.
– What? Who is it?
– Hey! Who are you? Ginni! Are you okay?
– There’s someone. Sir, what happened? Oh my God!
Someone came out… …from under the table. And you are
questioning us instead? Is this how you
treat your guests? What kind of a
restaurant is this? I will file a complain against you.
I will sue you. Is this how you behave? Is this how you
treat your guests? What if something
had happened to me? What are you all doing? How can anyone be
under the table? My apologies. I am really sorry
for the inconvenience caused. It won’t happen
again in the future. Really? Thank God we’re all safe. Relax. I am so unlucky! Someone said it right. If you are unlucky… …then what can you do? Are you crazy, Rana? How could I have spoken
to you in their presence? Look at the place
and the situation. What else could I have done, Ginni? I love you a lot. If you marry anyone else… …then I will drink poison. Don’t worry, Rana. I will marry you. Anyway… …I know Harleen well. My brother is under her control. Believe me… …I will not lead a life
the way my brother does. I will make things right when
I get the right opportunity. Rana. Meher. Did you notice something? Dolly momsy seemed disturbed. Because of election campaigning. It’s her first time. In fact, Harleen is worried… …about Ginni’s wedding. I hope things work out… …and this alliance is fixed. Then in no time they’ll be… …engaged and married. Thank you so much, Mr. Sandhu. Thank you for such
a wonderful news. Yes. Bye. Robbie. Come fast. What happened, baby? Robbie, the Sandhus have agreed
to our proposal for Ginni. We’ll talk to them once they
come to India and then… ‘Roka!’ Thank you, Waheguru! Robbie, I’m so happy! You’ve turned emotional. Shouldn’t I, baby? She is my younger sister. She’s been raised
with a lot of love. Now she’ll get married
and enter another family. Thank you, baby. For finding Ginni’s match
in such a reputed family. Let’s convey this
good news to everyone. Robbie, right now, we are going
to tell this good news only to… …Sarab and Momsy. Once Perri agrees… …then you may tell it
to anyone you want to. Come, Meher. Be careful. Thank you. So… I’ll leave. So, I’ll… May I leave? Okay. I’m going. Okay. What is this, Meher? I can’t bid you goodbye. And you never invite me in. What’s the need to invite
Goggle Baba inside, Sarab? He is omnipresent, right? He shows up anywhere. Am I right? Look. I’m not joking. I’m too very serious, Sarabjit.
See. Very serious.
– Make fun of me. Sarabjit, there are only two
things which I make well. One is happiness.
The second is fun! Phone. Yes, Harleen. Sarab! I’m so happy today! It’s a very lucky day today. I have a very good news.
It will just astonish you. Good news? Tell me. The Sandhus have accepted Ginni. Wow! Really? Perri has gone out.
Once he comes and meets Ginni… …and says yes then the
wedding will be finalized. You mean, he hasn’t seen Ginni yet? That doesn’t matter. Sandhus have accepted Ginni. So Perri will accept too, right? It means the wedding is
almost finalized. Right? 100 percent finalized. Has she spoken to Ginni? Harleen, have you spoken to Ginni? Sarab, I must have
given a deep thought… …before making a promise to
Sandhus, right? I know what’s right and
wrong for my family. I don’t like it if anyone
interferes or offers advice… …regarding my family matters. Absolutely, Harleen. Convey my congratulatory
message to Robbie and Ginni. See you.
– Okay. See you. Harleen gets very emotional… …about her in-laws. I understand, Sarabjit. But still, I feel, we must speak
to Ginni at once. Shouldn’t we? It’s the matter of her life. You are right, Meher?
But I think… …we must leave
this up to Harleen. She’ll definitely speak to Ginni
once before finalizing the wedding. Another point, Meher. Please don’t mind Harleen’s words. Why would I mind, Sarabjit? She is like a sister to me too. So finally, I’ll leave. Bye. Bye. Manager, but… Please. Please try and understand. ‘Ma’am, I said,
we can’t grant you more loan.’ What? But… …I’m not asking for billions. I’m just asking for three millions. Please try and understand. ‘Ma’am, you have already taken a
loan of 35 millions from our bank.’ ‘And you have
nothing to mortgage.’ ‘So it’s impossible. I’m sorry.’ Please listen to me… …I will explain everything. What? He disconnected the call. Oh my God! What would I do now? If I can’t save the photographs… …from going viral… …I have no… …other option left
but to commit… …suicide. What happened? I’m extremely happy today. What happened?
– Momsy… …the Sandhus are ready to
fix the alliance with Ginni. Oh my God! What is all this? Have you started
shopping for Ginni… …as the Sandhus
agreed for the marriage? Momsy, all this is for you. For me? Yes, momsy. Because your election
campaign have started. Yes. And I want… …you to wear a new
saree everyday… …along with a new jewellery… …for your public appearance. After all, your public image
holds a great importance. Oh, no! All this…
– Momsy, please accept it. Harleen has ordered
this jewellery… …from Dubai just for you. Each set costs around 3.5 millions. ‘If you don’t send the
money by tomorrow… …I will reach your house.’ Why do you look upset, mother? Let bygones be bygones. Forget it. You’re right, dear! But listen to me carefully. A smart person learns… …from other people’s mistakes. Yes, mother. Both of you can learn
from my mistake. Hereon, never share
your account details… …neither your card number… …nor your… …they call it OTP, with anyone.
– Yes, mother. If you visit any shop… …or a restaurant… …and if the shop owner
asks for the PIN… …what will you do?
– I would say… …if you put this pin,
your machine will be damaged. Oh fool, not that pin. I’m talking about the
four digit pin number. You shouldn’t put that.
– Sure, mother. Harleen! Oh my! Oh! Congratulations, Robbie.
– Thank you, bro. Congratulations, Harleen.
– Thank you. Sarab, where’s Param? You said you will pick
him up from school… …so I thought he
must be with you. Yes. Param went to his grandmom’s
place straight from the school. Why? Sarab, we have to take him to
Khushi’s friend’s birthday party. Actually Param has a holiday
for the next two days. So he went to his
grandmom’s place. Apologize to Khushi’s
friend on my behalf. Where’s momsy? She is inside.
– I’ll find out. Momsy! Cheating! When did I cheat? Mom, it was my turn. Tell uncle Bittu to not cheat! It was Param’s chance.
Come on! Keep quiet! Go ahead. Oh, wow! Very good, Param!
– Well done! ‘You don’t need
to look for a suitor.’ ‘Because I have
already chosen a man… …belonging to a rich
family for Ginni.’ ‘Across India close
to 20,525 people… …have been victims
of online fraud.’ ‘And we haven’t been
able to catch a single culprit.’ ‘It’s now impossible to
get your money back.’ Mom, it’s your turn now. Jagga, where’s Rana? He must be hanging
out with his friends. You know how he is. He’s a bachelor with
no family responsibilities. Uncle Rana! ‘Yes, Param?’ Please play with me! ‘Param, I am taking
a bath right now.’ ‘I will be out in five minutes
and then play with you.’ Okay! Mom! Mom, look what I found! A watch! Param, where did you find it? It was lying in uncle Rana’s room. So, I put it on my wrist. ‘Ginni is 100 per cent single.
She has no man in her life.’ ‘Thank you, Meher. You don’t
need to look for a suitor.’ ‘Because I have
already chosen a man… …belonging to a rich
family for Ginni.’