turns out and i hope everybody sit down the s_ and down are you guys relaxing
you’ve had a relaxing uh… i’m gonna blow your mind right now turns out there is a corporation that does the right thing evoking the prepara or not outlook is the first time i’ve heard of
it maybe you guys have a couple things
examples of other than this one listener this chrysler thatcherite p uh… car company chrysler is gonna give some profits back to their
workers so listen to this but they are well reported on friday that following a major turnaround since
this government bailout four years ago chrysler planned to
reward its workers with a share of profits there can be no more doubt that are
comeback israel chrysler c_e_o_ and chairman sergio marci only said in an
email to workers betting that the credit for our
turnaround is yours the automakers turnaround include a one
point seven billion dollar profit up from one hundred thirty one hundred
eighty three million in two thousand eleven so as i was reading this story you guys know me i would like food only one chronicle cut and where’s
the but there’s gotta be a buck in here
somewhere by gather sherry probably orders well
yet they’re gonna fire them all right after
something like that i was waiting for the down side of the story it just didn’t come solo corey new chryslers current contract with the united auto
workers eligible union membership alimony union members should expect to
receive a check twenty-two two thousand two hundred fifty dollars
this is not the first time our she only has acted as in untypical c_e_o_ and two
thousand and ten in two thousand eleven following the bailout he turned out with a salary and a bonus
for two years in a row so i went back and get a little bit more
research in trying to figure out well what what went down with his
government bailout because look at their sharing uh… profits with their workers but they still in pain at the taxpayer less popped up cuz the taxpayer should get paid back right we bail their
ass out so why which should we get shafted welcome to find out they did they ask back so chrysler sales
are up nineteen point six percent in the
overall american market the uh… had a partial buyout from fiat along when the uh… bailouts happened uh… you know fiat the italian carmaker uh… they own about fifty percent in chrysler they were supposed to pay their long
back resource postpaid own back in two thousand and seventeen but they had a million way ahead of
schedule in two thousand and eleven the bailout was seven point six billion
dollars from u_s_ and canada and all debt is paid back now and what is the biggest thing that really
from this guys is that you know as a matter of principle almost disagree with all bailouts right why because i actually believe in uh… you know government doing
government functioned separately and the private sector doing private
functions i’d hate marrying those two together sort of private corporation
goes under to have the government sweep in and try to save them and sometimes it’s a horribly wrong
about that right because that’s our hard earned tax payer dollars being given to a private company which we did on my personel group of
cheryl shareholders why should they get that advantage over
us the taxpayers why should they take our money right we improve that but here’s the thing wow there are a billion things to critique
in although they are free dining you guys ever need to know it particularly the wall street bailouts
right where they took our money had no strings attached paid out bonuses to
their c_e_o_s who ran the companies into the ground so they don’t deserve a bonus they bore private jets the remodel their offices which caused
millions of dollars x en route ok down against a hundred percent them against period new evidence leads to new thinking i mean you can just blanket leaning
against something ect often to present the time in a very
black and white way come to find out the chrysler bailout it work