citigroup which has taken forty five
billion dollars and our government bailout money has uh… authorize the purchase of a
fifteen million dollar corporate jet for its executives of course s
outrageous they say oh no but you know understand out we authorize that uh…
two years ago that purchase and we have these two recibi jets that were tried on
load and they’re not good enough anymore they’re only worth about twenty seven
million dollars so i’d presume that you put him on t_v_
like cerebellum did ended about a new sexy fifty million
dollars that but there’s a very i don’t care who was
authorized to use two years ago you are taking taxpayer money now you are you
can unauthorized that you know when now you made a decision today in fact now to
the issue dot on i’ve predicted they will make that decision probably within a couple of days but if we didn’t put the heat up that they would have gotten dot i hadn’t that this ridiculous part of our prayers with our money completely on justifiable they you know
what i’m a little encouraged by this phenomenon i’d journalist back to doing a little
bit of john was go after the people in power and that we have not seen this in a long
time but they’re going to have to be c_e_o_’s and and they’re finding some
things they’re interesting out let me go to that story next actually uh… now uh… the former head of women which
went under by the way the uh… richard fallen uh… has sold us thirteen point
three million dollar mission in fort okke sanderson buddy so too maybe yes uh… financial issues
although it turns out he sold it to his wife how much the soldier’s life or a hundred dollars okay now why would you sell thirteen
point three million dollar house for a hundred dollars it’s because you want to shield the money ’cause you think hey look at your all
these bonuses and all this money in all this stock onto the center of awful of those shareholders of women when in fact i knew i was driving
company in the ground and you’re gonna get screwed and year after year after years i think
those excess arrest i reward myself with these and my friend on the border
rewarded me by giving the all this money which i’ve now stockpiled and then i
said today shareholders of women and you know for the other banks i think
the bailout money to the american taxpayer face out there for you you’re stuck with
the bill good luck to you uh… adhi five thousand gonzo so now that he’s gone with all the money
because he has it he he did some baby from helene and gone under they did not
get bailout money they went on to write he saw that is thirteen point three
million dollar mission also he doesn’t his wife does for a hundred dollars see when they go
after him the shareholders who in that case he’s innocent on so i don’t have any
money left or really what all those millions go all
yeah i saw that surender box and college you workers i guess i was a bad idea go i don’t know what this is so ideas
and transparent will work with the lake will see i hope not overdoses and those
come honestly rastogi ridiculous about that but maybe yes good layers with all that
other money and wise winds later with a mailroom saw
about it and by the way this is what’s gonna
happen going forward all the c_e_o_’s who was that it
happened that frontal boundary or didn’t was a questioner five companies but
needy hundreds of millions of dollars doing it they’re gonna look to hide the money man
its court as we speak school the cayman islands is going to these shady
transactions because when we come called for the
bodyguard and saw a lot of coincidence it sounds like i said god is what date did recognize prison wake
up without a minute why did they get all those bonuses or the shareholders to me mystics why
they did all those bozos for destroying their companies hey wait a minute should we get those
buses back says they didn’t do their job they said
they were going to and then that’s what they’re saying turnaround say i’m sorry somebody’s all