Hi guys and welcome back to my channel, Claire’s
Journey. I’m Claire and i talk about Lifestyle and
Money. Today I’m trying something a bit different
on my channel. I love watching ‘Clean with Me’ videos. It really motivates me to get the house clean
and decluttered. So, i thought ‘Why not upload one of those
videos’. I’ve never made 1 before, so we’ll see how
it goes! I hope you enjoy and i’ll be back next week! So this is the current state of my kitchen,
as you can see, it’s a mess. The dishwasher needs emptying, everything
needs cleaning and putting away. So, come with me while i do it all. I’ve done the tidying, i’ve just got to do
the actual cleaning now. I’ve just got some receipts here that i’m
going to scan with my receipt app. I’ll put a link in the description box if
you’re interested in scanning your receipts for collecting points that can go towards
Amazon vouchers and all sorts of things. So, let’s carry on with the cleaning part! Excuse the noise of the kettle in the background, i’m making myself
a cup of coffee because I’m almost finished. If you’re wondering why the hoovering and
the cleaning isn’t taking very long this morning, it’s because i do it every morning. Once you keep on top of it and do it every
morning, it literally takes no time at all. So that’s my super speedy kitchen cleaning
routine in the morning. So the reason it took about 20 mins is because
i do this every day. The kitchen is where the dogs sleep at night,
hence the reason thats what gets cleaned first and most thoroughly like every day. The front room and the rest of the house gets
done every other day. But obviously because this is where the dogs
sleep at night, this floor and everything gets cleaned every day. I havent wiped down any of the kitchen fronts,
like the cupboard fronts because i did that yesterday, so i dont do that every day. Every other day i give the fronts, baseboards,
the oven and all the appliances a wipe down. That’s generally what i do in the mornings. So this is the end of todays video. I hope you enjoyed something a little bit
different. If you like it, or if you didn’t like it,
let me know in the comments below. I’m off to have my breakfast and I’ll see
you later! Bye 🙂