Welcome back to brand new video today. We’re playing Mount Manaslu roleplay. Your goal is to reach Mount Manaslu Let’s see if we can I died This game hates me this game is trying to stop me from reaching top Manaslu. Yes, let’s go and take some Russians see if we can survive Rations rations Russians. There we go. We’re all healed up or no We’re not we need some water my goal for this video is to reach the top of Mount Manaslu to restore health – yeah, so yes, let’s go. Hope that you’re ready I am let’s go ever you fail – my water bottle Oh the stops well, goodbye staffs heck you we’re gonna conk we’re Mount Manasseh Loo, and we’re gonna have like the best time ever on top of the mountain. I’m gonna African default dance Charlie said you’re like way up they fall dance Come on, come on boy, but come on. Oh my gosh, that’s a crispy bacon hair right there. I love those crispy Bacon, Sarah, you know are so crispier. Oh nice. This is so beautiful. I’ve never seen such a beautiful mountain Oh my gosh, this is like a Norway Help me Papa I need some headland I sure do. Mr. Ernie 360 meters up sooner we’ll start to lose oxygen and we’ll die. Did it did it? Done that and that’s how life works kids. Oh, this guy’s following me. It’s awesome Maybe he can be my extra food. I mean he’s got bacon hair. So why not? You disobey Him, but I become hi Make a storm coming. Of course. I love storms. Let’s die of a snow blizzard Wait, how are they even running so fast, are they like hacking or something, or is it my package? That’s slowing me down I that my fat penguin belly is so sloppy that it slows me down This is the only negative effects of becoming too dummy fit Can you go away you freaking fog? You’re actually kind of annoying and I don’t know where to go now Come on, you just got to be kidding with me right now Maybe if I go, no doesn’t work. If I go behind be kind. Are you kidding with me right now? Like what the Frick Oh pop OH He’s a fake Mouse or maybe he’s a hamster. I have no idea Stir well, of course, you’re a Pablo looks like we’re stuck. We’re like so dead never mount mountains Best joke ever and I’m annoying, you know climbing a mountain. I feel like I’m nothing I mean soon I’m dead I am going to die You’ll know I got a drink. Yeah, I Love South Park and we gotta eat again We’re like so dead serious way 900 meters up more like 900 meters away from death indeed don’t like find these little shelters where you can fill up your hunger and First I don’t think so. To be honest. Would you think that we’re pretty screwed? When is this God darn Ally? Ending for God’s sakes. I gotta go up here. Alright butterstick come and do that We’re gonna die fussing meters up. Well, this is it At least we climbed 1000 meters we should be proud of ourselves Isn’t that right indeed? We’re so dead. Whoa Echo look no. No, the supplies are up there. Let’s go go go go go Supplies. Give me give me Come on, this is so hard to climb up to we can do it. My boys. I believe in myself right though Well my friends we didn’t survive but that’s just how life is sometimes and you gotta Accept it. Hope that you enjoyed this video every taco you are indeed the fittest See you next time