I decided to pursue the CMA certification because I felt like it would be a differentiator for me in my career. It’s a very competitive world out there. There’s lots of candidates seeking lots of different positions, both within companies and new employment opportunities. I felt like the CMA would set me apart from a lot of those candidates, and it would give me an advantage to get to the places where I wanted to go in life. My passion has always been going to a corporate because I want to use my financial and accounting skills to bring value to the company and that’s what the CMA is for. Lots of the CMA materials talking about the forecasting and the budgeting. That’s how you’re going to use that in the daily operations of your company. The CMA is a brand if you want to pursue an international career as I want to pursue. Because people already know what you know, so you don’t need to prove anything else other than I am a CMA. I think as a CFO the CMA gave me confidence to answer questions and deal with issues and also it differentiated me as I was looking at different opportunities in the workplace. The nice thing about the CMA and the IMA is that your learning doesn’t end you know the moment you click finish on that exam and it says you passed. The learning is going to continue well beyond that and at a minimum you have a resource to tap into. When you’re a CMA and a member of IMA you are able to answer those questions that trouble you and your career. Of all the certifications that I have, the CMA is the one that I would say I use day in and day out in my role as a corporate finance professional. I rely on the skills of the CMA to help me in my interactions with the global finance team. If a person were to have a hesitation about the CMA exam I would probably give them the advice that a mentor gave me a long time ago. And that is we can invest in a lot of things in this world, but the best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself. And so yes, it’s a lot of time. Yes, it’s a lot of work. Yes, it’s difficult. But at the same time if you are investing in yourself and in your future you know you put in the hours now, and then you’ll be able to reap the benefits for the rest of your career.