The UNC Chapel Hill Board of Trustees
tackled several topics at its September 2015 meeting and the focus underscored
Carolina’s reputation as an incubator entrepreneurship and innovation The innovation comes from students and faculty in every area from music to art
to the humanities to the social sciences the Sciences. Faculty from the Eshelman
School of Pharmacy referenced a story straight from the headlines about a
young woman who felt her only option to escape a debilitating form of cancer was
to end her life 29 years old we have to do better than
that. He and his colleagues are working to do better than that. we can actually
more for the skin cells in your arm into cells that look and act just like the
cells in the inside of your brain it means that when we release
them in your brain they can find your cancer and they can kill the tumor cells. This is astounding. Really, it’s mind-blowing. We have to be the place. And if we’re the place where innovators thrive, we will conquer the world. Innovators like twenty four-year-old alumna Shruti Shah
who has already created her first company Move Loot – a way to trade unwanted
furnishings for cash and keep those items out of the landfill. We had no idea
this was going to work but on a whim we all got our jobs. We got a 1,200 square-footwarehouse in San Francisco’s Dogpatch neighborhood. The risk paid off for Shaw. We are now currently in six cities across the U.S.- we’ve got a hundred
thousand users 850 employees across the U.S. and growing The Trustees also
learned about work Carolina is doing in conjunction with N.C. State in the area
of biomedical engineering there are no joint programs at the
undergraduate level that bridge two universities this really is the first of
its kind in the country. breaking even Breaking even more new ground under graduates in this
program are filing their own patents on new technology and inventions. One device automates drainage and monitoring which normally would require a skilled nurse
every hour. perhaps the most important thing about B&E is it really enables better human lives. just being in the hospital learning from our mentor, we really think the sky’s the limit for creating any sort of technology that would come up with. Trustees left the session with new information and even more pride about
the work Carolina is doing I just want to say, you make me so happy. thank you it just makes us want
to work even harder to help you reach your dreams so this has just been a
wonderful session thanks everybody