– Hi everybody, I’m the CEO
of Collegehumor, Bill Mirth. What is comedy in 2019? Is it laughing hard
and having a good time? We don’t think so. Comedy is about engaging with content. Laughs per minute. Clicks per episode. Sponsors per series. These stats add up to make
something funny, not laughing. What is this 2008? We’re talking about engagement. What the hell is going on? (Ian cries out) – Shut your your mouth
you sneering politacrat. – Ahhhh, stop, stop. Who are you? What is this? – It’s raw sewage that I
got from a dumpster outside. Oh, wanna watch some comedy
that’s actually funny and hasn’t gotten three rounds of notes from Teeksies Toothpaste. Well check out Dropout. We’ve used our brains, our hearts, and over four and a half
tons of hallucinogenic cactus found in the tula rosa basin
to come up with some comedy that we think you are really gonna dig. Aint that right mi%ni Raf – Haha yeah. – Wanna take a sneak peak? – No no sneak peak sorry that’s gonna actually
hurt our reach can we not no no sneak peaks sorry. – You don’t talk to me! Lets watch. Sorry actually can you help
me figure out how to play this VCR thank you. (crash) – That’s not how VCR’s work. – Then make it work. – Haha where did he
get such a small knife. [Host] You all understand
how the game works. – No – Not at all you haven’t told us. ( upbeat music) – Eh aw. – Go nuts! – Welcome friends to the
land of somewhere-ica. You will have to draw while
wearing this boxing glove. – How even? – This is his character Rick
Diggens, man about town. – I don’t know what the laws
of living toys are in this game but when you switch your
torso out how does that… Do you need somebody
to help you with that? – Because two people sitting
here are incredibly high – They go to battle world. – They go to battle world! – Um actually they go to battle world. – Yeah.