This week on TGC News, Connecticut saves colt,
a rube goldberg holster and a good guy with an AR15! Welcome back to TGC News, the only gun news show that covers
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huge prizes like guns, ammo and more… then I dunno if we can be friends anymore. Now this week’s first story is about one
of the most ridiculous holsters I’ve ever seen. That’s right kids I know its been a while
but the holster gods have blessed with a real gem this time. Say hello to the Intimidator holster from
a company called 54:17 .. i think… they have some of the worst branding ive ever seen
but once you understand the holster maybe that branding will make sense. Its got a few key features here… first up,
the rear of the holster under the grip has a taser built in, in case you know someone
tries to grab your gun and you magically have the opportunity to active this thing. It also features a forward draw instead of
up and out in case you want to draw like the dainty warrior you really are. And of course its got level 3 or level 4 retention
with a switch that would be required in ordered to draw the gun. Because when I think defensive handgun, I
think make it more complex and useless. And last but not least, that sweet taser can
be attached to any handgun holster out there. So if you want to add more weight and have
a useless taser on the holster they want to make sure you can do that. Oh and the words patent pending get thrown
around like theyre going out of style. As if someone else was going to infringe on
this nonsense hahaha. You know I get it, I think some of the concepts
here have merit. A defense system to stop someone from taking
an officers gun… smart… but taking a gun show taser and wrapping it in kydex and pretending
like youve done something is just dumb. The forward draw, also makes sense in certain
situations, but if the gun is locked up like alcatraz then why bother with a speedy draw
out the front? And how about that locking system… it looks
like they stole the lock set up from a 1950’s toy safe. Its just… junk. Patent pending junk. What do you guys think? Is there actual merit here or should they
scrap it and go back to the drawing board? And in I thought they were all but dead news,
Colt is saved by the Connecticut government. Yup. One of the most anti gun states in the union,
is saving a gun company. Essentially the big CT is working with Colt
on a 23 million dollar expansion project that includes a 10 million dollar loan from the
state. Up to 2 million of which will be forgiven
if they are able to meet job creation requirements. They claim that over 5 years they will add
100 new jobs and maintain their current 600 deep workforce. It seems as though this will allow colt to
stop leasing its HQ and actually purchase it. There are also state funds going to help colt
acquire 13 million dollars worth of facilities and land. I’ll tell you what guys this is just straight
up shocking to me. There has to be some serious backdoor dealing
going on for a state that hates the gun industry to spend this kind of money on a failing gun
company. I would not be shocked if there are tons of
incentives and whatnot for the state to keep the company propped up. The agreement also stipulates that colt sponsor
a bunch of gun safety initiatives like project childsafe and other gun safety efforts state
wide. The next 4 years will be very telling for
Colt. Their current status is that they don’t
make anything people REALLY want and they don’t have any huge military contracts. But hey, I guess this is the case of the government
doing what they do best, wasting tax payer theft revenue aka your taxes. Do you think that Connecticut did the right
thing here by saving an American legend or are they just prolonging the inevitable? Let me know in the comments. Now for our good guy with a gun story for
the week… involving an AR15. It was around noon on March 27th in a small
town called Broken Arrow Oklahoma just outside of Tulsa. Three young men, 2 juveniles and 1 adult,
ages 16, 17 and 18, broke into the back door of a home wearing all black, masks and gloves. They were also found to be armed during the
follow up investigation. Seems kind of stupid to wear all black for
the middle of the day but hey criminals arent the smartest bunch. So upon entering the back of the home, they
were greeted by the 23 year old son of the homeowner who had an AR15… there was a short
verbal exchange and then shots were fired. Two of the burglars died in the kitchen, one
fled and apparently died in the driveway. In my opinion this is a very simple case. 3 dudes break in and get shot for it. Theres talk of the criminals families being
upset over the resident using and AR15 but its all nonsense. That young man’s life was threatened as
soon as they entered the home and he did the right thing. Play stupid games win stupid prizes. We often hear stories about how AR15’s arent
used to save lives here in the states and that they arent home defense or self defense
weapons… This story reinforces that that opinion is
simply incorrect. The AR15 is extremely versatile and in situations
like this are the best life saver around. With that being said, How many of you have
an AR as part of your home defense line up? While you’re typing that up, be sure to
stick around until AFTER the break for this week’s of Friendly Fire! This week’s friendly fire question sent
in from is from someone named Mo S. Mo tells me that he is an American
Muslim, born and raised here in the states. No criminal record of his or his family who
had been there since the 70’s and are legal immigrants. Mo is a firearms enthusiast like the rest
of us and he, as a muslim, is allowed to join the NRA. Here’s what I told him, there is no reason
that someone wouldn’t be allowed to join the NRA. I’ve never been asked my religion, sexual
orientation, etc etc etc in order for them to take my money and join. I know some of you may not agree with me on
this and please post up if you don’t, but I think guys like Mo are a representation
of the growth of the gun community and should be welcomed with open arms. We are living in trying times, world wide. The enemy of good people does not wear a single
religion or political party mask. Its important to understand that in order
to grow we must challenge ourselves and in a very traditional culture such as the gun
culture… opening our eyes to allow those that might be unfamiliar such as minority
shooters into the culture we love… is a damn good thing. My friendly fire question to you guys this
week … I know the NRA is not everyone’s favorite organization… so beside the NRA
who else do you support to fight for our rights as gun owners? Let me know in the comments and If you want
your question answered right here on the show, you head over to the friendly fire page on to send me your questions!