welcome back to legal terms these are
terms that begin with the letter B the term bail which is
commonly referred to as recognizance bail especially when somebody’s involved
with with a criminal matter bail can represent an actual sum of money or it
can represent a term that means that somebody is released from police custody
before their trial is I’m going to produce a whole separate video on bail
itself the reasons that somebody can be detained what the crowd has to prove as
far as keeping somebody in custody before their trial has heard balance of
probabilities will discuss a little bit later in this video when somebody is
going through a bankruptcy proceeding that means that they’re trying to get
protection from debtors from people that you owe money to the bar is a term
that’s used to describe the legal profession as a whole and it’s also used
to separate the judge’s bench and the front row of lawyers seeds from the
public area it’s also a term that’s used to describe the case at hand so when
somebody says the case at bar that means the case before the judges bench
barristers just another day another name for lawyer the bench is basically the
judge’s seat in the courtroom either judge or judges that can be multiple
judges bench warrant I will talk about in our video used in the children’s law
in Ontario the test is set out for what the court
shall consider in assessing what the what is best for the child as far as an
application for custody or access so if you’re applying for custody of a child
this test will be applied I’m going to include a link below to the children’s
Law Reform Act so you can take a look for yourself beyond a reasonable doubt
I’ll discuss later a bill is proposed legislation that a government is wanting
to enact when something is binding that means it’s mandatory now in a court
decision when a judge makes a court order that means that may be of a higher
court has said that something needs to happen in this type of similar case or
it could be that a law tells the judge that he has to have that he he has to
have an order of some sort of bond is just a promise to the court and that
could include a surety or a person that’s making a promise to the court to
pay a certain amount of money to make sure that somebody who’s out on bail
will keep their promise to the cord a peace bond is another promise to the
court making sure that somebody abides by some kind of behavior for instance to
keep away from somebody this is similar to a restraining order a breach is a
breaking or a an infraction of law or an obligation such as a bond or a fatal
condition a brief or illegal breeze is or I should say it can be a document
that needs to be completed as certain step in a case so it could be a summary of one side’s
position the burden of proof is the proof needed it in a case for the judge
to make a decision so for instance you’ve heard the as you’ve heard the
term beyond a reasonable doubt this is what’s called a burden of proof so the
Crown has to prove beyond a reasonable doubt to the judge that the judge that
the accused person in a criminal matter has John what they said has been done so
for instance comparing comparing this to balance of probabilities for instance a
reasonable doubt burden of proof is much higher than a
balance of probabilities for instance reasonable doubt could be considered to
be eighty to ninety percent sure so the judge is eighty to ninety percent sure
that the accused has done something or that a certain law applies to the
accused the balance of probabilities for instance is a is a different level at
much lower standard and it’s typically at least 51% so it’s more probable than
not that something has occurred or that a law applies to one party or the other there are other burdens of proof for
instance reasonable and probable grounds this is a very low standard of proof
that for instance d police have in order to lay a charge against somebody so if
there’s reasonable and probable grounds or RPG as police may use it then this
standard approved is approximately 20 percent sure police are 20 percent sure
that something has occurred that falls within a criminal offense so that’s
that’s a very low standard of proof that’s needed and this is the reason why
some cases are go to a charge phase and then the
crowd withdraws the case because there isn’t a reasonable a reasonable doubt
standard of proof thats net thank you for watching let me know what you think about the new
format is its ok to follow and I will be sure to post a new video very soon