Imagine for a moment you don’t have any money, and when you move to another city to get a job you don’t succeed and end up living on the street. Well … this is Javier’s story. For this video we wanted to test the phrase: “Do not give me the fish, better give me a rod and teach me how to fish” The cardboard said: “This is Javier, he came from Monterrey looking for a job and run out of money. We want to help him become shoe polisher. We will personally buy his work material. In just a few minutes, the people started helping Everybody helped. Adults, children, foreigners, families and group of friends. In less than an hour and a half we already had 500 pesos, money with which we were going to buy all the things Javier was going to need for his new job. Day 2 The next day, we meet with Javier in the same place and for our surprise he had already bought a gabardine so that his clothes would not be stained when he began to work. We started to walk in the search of his work material and something Javier couldn’t hide was his happiness and his big smile. We walk until we finally find a place a shoe polisher recommended us. What we didn’t know was if with the 500 pesos we could buy everything Javier was going to need. For our surprise, the total was 488 pesos. And so… Javier had all the things he needed. – You will see, I am going to work every day. We asked a shoe polisher about the technique and steps to follow and a few minutes later Javier was already working and earning his own money. Just like me, surely you have given money or food to people on the street which is fine and helps very much, but what would happen if we take the time one day to teach them how to fish? If you liked the video and you think is a great message, please share it so we can reach more people your like is ver important to us, is a way to motivate us to continue. Click the”subscribe” button so you don’t miss any of our videos, is completely free.