[MUSIC PLAYING] I think for me what
really helped me in staying for so long was the
experience, like Anthony said, just coming out to some
park and parks and camp. Who would’ve thought seeing
rocks would be so amazing? You just come out there,
and it’s not only the fact that you’re outside, but that
they have these programs. You know how we have lesson
plans and all that stuff, and so like I said
earlier, it’s like you foster this good community. And then you just
wanna keep staying. [MUSIC PLAYING] We’re emerging leaders. What’s some advice
that you could give us? Listening and
caring about people and having a
two-way relationship with the people that you’re
leading is much more effective. If you believe yourself
to be able to be a leader, then people will believe
that too and will follow you. Things get done because
people step up and lead. Yeah, and take initiative too. You’re right. Exactly. I guess the things that
Ernesto and Elyse had told me and Sarah had told me to help
me kind of gain more confidence, I tell them to help. That’s great. It’s nice to be
able to pass it on. You can be taught
to be a leader, and I think it’s an
amazing program that’s doing that through skills
and confidence and community. [MUSIC PLAYING]