“What I think about most concerning
retirement is the preservation of my principle. With things like Lehman
Brothers going down, and these other companies like that, I don’t think
there’s any guarantee or at least I haven’t thought there’s been a guarantee
that you can be sure your principal will be there when you retire.” “My people, my clients had been losing an awful lot of money with the market. They don’t
know which way to go and it’s just a shame that we can’t trust these people
anymore because they do whatever they want to do and it doesn’t help us at all.” “What scares me about my financial future is I have money in mutual funds and in
IRAs that I know I’ll eventually have to start taking withdrawals out of, and I’d
like to put them into something that would earn more than one percent. And
that I could Bank on seeing a growth within those accounts.” “My biggest concern
is losing it. I think that what’s going on in Wall Street today is abnormal. I
mean, these people – you had to be an insider to make money there. Phil talked
about that in the interview and it was like he hit me with something over the
head, because like I said earlier, I have 30 years I’ve been investing in mutual
funds and he scared me half to death. I want my retirement funds to be there
when I’m retired.” “What scares me with my finances, and it actually does
keep me up at night, is the the crazy stock market. Even though over the years
we’ve gotten more and more out of the market as we’ve gotten older, we do still
have some investments in the market and I don’t go to bed at night without
checking what the market did that day and when it’s bad I’ve learned not to be
crazy about it but it does bother me.” “I saved all my life so that I
wouldn’t be destitute, and it just doesn’t – I just don’t
think about it.” “I won’t worry about that there’ll be enough to keep my wife and I
going when we go into retirement. Right now our investments haven’t been doing
too well for because the economy, but it’s very very big concern.” “The loss of
some of my principal I’ve lost thirty five percent of my mutual fund and one month is up, and one month it’s down.” “I was very impressed with Mr. Cannella I think he does come across a
being very truthful. I wish I had heard about him many many years ago. “What it all boils down to, to me, I’m
concerned about the bottom line how much did my investments go up and how much
does they go down when they keep going down I keep thinking there’s got to be
something better than this.”