Hi, this is Jessica Petitte here with Conversations That Matter and I’ve been doing these conversations for about six months, and in my different audiences I’ve told them about these little videos and I have been selecting topics or been given topics as suggestions. So I am here with their list of options and next up is liability. So what’s fascinating to me about the conversation I was having about liability is that there are times where you’re conscious that you have liability in a particular situation. There are other times where you don’t necessarily acknowledge or realize that you have liability in a particular situation. So liability basically means like risk or risk of responsibility. You would lessen your liability if you just consciously take responsibility for whatever situation you’re about to get into. Sure, something may happen that you didn’t plan for but you can still be responsible for that, and if you’re consciously being responsible for that, that liability becomes something that you’re conscious of and that you’re willing to be responsible for. If you’re not willing to be responsible for it, and you’re conscious of it, don’t do it. There’s an idea. There is no wrong… there… Let me say this right: there is no right way to do the wrong thing, and there is no wrong way of doing the right thing. Instead of worrying about your own liability, or, there are times where you really need to up your worry about liability, think about the situation you’re in. Are you doing the wrong thing? Are they doing the wrong thing? Are they doing the right thing? Are you doing the right thing? It’s a way of breaking down liability and fear and frustration and actually having a conversation that matters. That matters.